Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Weekend catch-up

I´m happy to say that I feel a bit better. I just have to accept at the moment that concentrating too much on weight loss will only backfire on me. So I will just chill. I will try to eat as healthy as possible and concentrate on the responsibilities that are simply there. Neglecting them will just add to the stress and lead into overeating. The more up to date I am with my work the more relaxed I am, the less I feel the need to binge.

Yesterday morning I concentrated on my housework and my jobs and went training in the evening. My friend and I did a Tabata class again. It was the normal trainer, who is the fitness manager of the gym. My god, he´s a tough cookie. A right Mr. Shouty! It was a fantastic workout and again I was happy to see that I´m able to keep up with girls half my age.

Although on Friday I felt so unfit. I did my first group horse riding lesson. The only free place they have is in the children´s group. Apart from me there was only one more lady, the rest were about 11! :-)

The instructor is very outspoken and doesn´t hold back, if you´re rubbish. Not even with the kids. At the end of it he said that it´s clear that my riding ability is not where it was, when I used to ride regularly and that it will take quite a while to built my riders strength up again. All this exercise, but horse riding acquires so much core strength. I can to plancks and sit-ups, but keeping your core tight constantly is a complete different matter. I will need to find a horse to ride, so I can speed the process up.

On Saturday we had our work do in Birmingham. This is how I looked like. I was actually quite happy with that.

We had a fab time, although it didn´t start too well. My friend Lisa and I decided to take the train into Birmingham, so we could have a glass of wine (yeah right).
Our husbands drove us to the train station, where we stood shivering on the platform, when a very cheerful lady announced through the loudspeaker, that our train got cancelled. ........... Eh, what??????

So I called Jock again, to drive us to the football ground, while Lisa called people from work, if there was still space in the taxis. Fortunately our boss offered to pick us up. Great offer, so we didn´t have to pay for a taxi.

We went to Jimmy Spice. A great place. All buffet style with food from India, Thailand, China and Italy. The food was gorgeous and no need to say that of course it did not end with one glass of wine. In fact we didn´t even bother ordering glasses of wine, we opted for the bottles.So decided not to take the train back, but stay and enjoy ourselves. She´s the same as me and desperately in the need of some fun. So when we had to leave the restaurant at 9pm, we made sure that the under aged all got picked up safely and then followed the youngsters into a club. Thank god the club we went to had a good mixture of ages, so we didn´t feel out of place.

After some time we separated from the young folk and went our own way. We had a right giggle. But then we reached the point, when it was clear that it´s time to go home. I knew the next morning would be torture, because not only would we lose an hour, but it also was my daughter´s horse riding lesson.

And it really was! OMG! No need to say, I was rather dizzy. Thank god, I didn´t feel sick. Hubby and son had to come with us, because having only slept for 4 hours, I was in no state to drive. Long story short, I made it through this long hour of walking and jogging next to the pony. But that was all I managed that day.

But it was worth it. To think about the last time I had such a night out, I have to think far back.

And it´s got another good thing. I´m still off wine.

Today I spent almost all day in front of the computer. I finished all my customer service valuation reports. YEY! Another shit job out of the way. So I´m actually looking forward to a PT session tonight.

On the food side, Sunday was a typical hangover-give-me-carbs-day. Yesterday and today were OK. I´m not tracking, I just try to make sensible choices and don´t let a treat turn into a binge. So far so good.

I would be happy, if I managed to lose 100grams a week, the ways things are going.

Have a lovely week everyone


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