Sunday, 13 March 2011

In bed with Petra

It´s Sunday morning 10am and I´m still in bed and on my 3rd (or 4th, but who´s counting) cup of coffee. My head feels a little bit tender after a bit too much vino yesterday.

After yesterday I have about 6 weekly points left, and there are still 5 days to go. But we had a lovely day yesterday. We went to friends in the day, because Jock was bricking up a window for them. The men were working, the kids were playing, we women were chatting and taking the kids for a lovely walk.

When the work was done, we decided to go to ours and order a curry. After dinner the kids were in their pj´s, watching telly in our bed and we grown ups were playing cards and drinking wine.

As expected the food intake throughout the day was far from optimum with having pizza for lunch, a French Fancy and some sweets in between (okay there was also fruit) and a big fat curry with rice and keema naan for dinner, followed by some to-die-for chocolate cake, our friends brought for dessert.

But I don´t feel the least bit guilty. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.

And I´m not digging into a big fry-up today, but started with some lovely porridge and a big platter of fresh fruit, which I nibble on (God, I´m so happy that you don´t have to point them anymore). The left over curry from yesterday is all hubby´s, the chocolate cake for hubby and kids and of course I know, what I have to do. Some serious sweating that is. Some serious, serious sweating. So I will put on my trainers and plug in the treadmill. Surprisingly the only things that are aching after the last PT session are my calves, so there will be a fair amount of squats and lunges as well, along with press-ups and weight training.

Will hopefully kill my headache as well.....

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  1. Chug some water- if you are hung over your body is dehydrated. Especially if you are going to exercise today, your body will need a little more than usual.

    I wish I liked fruit! My life would be so much easier hehe :) Keep up the good work, Friend!