Monday, 29 March 2010

Active week

I was very good exercise wise this week. I didn´t ache nearly as much as I expected and even did a combat class the next morning after training with James. On Friday I tried spinning for the first time. And how can I say it nicely? I sucked!!! Having 4hard training sessions in the last 5 days in my legs didn´t make it any easier. I was not able to keep up at all.

Didn´t stop me from doing it again on Sunday morning. This time it went much better. I put my saddle a bit higher this time, which made it a hell lot easier. I still cheated a bit towards the end, but I was quite pleased with myself. And it payed off. I lost 2.5lbs last week. That put me 3lbs away from my just set goalweight.

But I might go a bit further, because when I got weight in the fitness centre I had a bodyfat percentage of 26%, which is the upper region of average. Our training goal is to get me into the slim range, which would be between 14-22% (or is it 21?). Whatever, it might need an extra few pounds.

Tomorrow morning I´ll have my second training with James. When I was in on Sunday he made a note in his book, saying: Make her ache! Oh, it will be awful! While doing it, I hate every second of it, but the buzz it gives you for finishing it, is amazing. Wednesday at work I was so high from that accomplishment. It almost felt illegal.

I bought myself an MP3 player today, to make running a bit more fun, but can I make this thing work? I´m such a loser with all these gadgets. The manual is pathetic. It doesn´t even show you, how to get music on it. As you just have to know. Maybe I did something wrong. Rubbish! I spent all my morning with it. Better get something done now.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Personal trainer is another word for torturer!

I had my first personal training session this morning! The trainer texted me after I got back from the gym, where I tried Tabata. I´d never heard of that before. For those who haven´t either, it´s a bit like circuit training but in intervalls. We had to do things like getting down on your belly, getting up, jump, back down on belly, back up and so on. There were 6 (I think) intervalls of 20sec. each, with breaks of 10sec. in between. There were also things like lunges, sprinting, weight lifting, sit-ups etc. What got to me worst was the shoulder presses. Still can´t lift my arms properly.

So afterwards I got the text telling me about my session at 10 o´clock this morning. I heard from my friend, how hard it is and I was really nervous. And OH MY GOD, I´ve never trained so hard in my life. I considered myself fairly fit, but I felt dizzy after not even 10 minutes. That was when I had to run on the treadmill, but the treadmill wasn´t switched on. I had to move the blooming thing just with my poor little muscles. In this 45 minutes I thought more than once, I can´t do this. I was groaning and moaning like a bad porn actress. But let me tell you, although the trainer is actually quite cute and he sees me in positions that usually only my husband is allowed to, there´s nothing less sexual then this. Unless you´re into SM maybe. Well, I´m not! But I did it, and I feel fantastic for it. Although I know, I won´t be able to walk tomorrow. Will be great fun, because I´ll be working at the football.

There was one funny thing, though. They had a break in, in the gym. From all things they could have stolen, they only stole the Pringles machine. Must have been Weight Watchers!

I have to relax now.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Took some time off

I had two weeks in which I hardly tracked at all. If I tracked, it was until the afternoon to then absolutely lose it in the evenings. I can´t really tell you why. Only that I was just sick of staying in control all the time. At least I was still working out regularly.

But I went to WI yesterday and still managed to lose 0.5. Total shock, but I´m definitely not complaining.

On Wednesday I met up with a friend I haven´t seen for a 5 weeks. We used to go to WW together last year, but she gave it up. She looked like she´s lost quite a bit of weight. She told me that she´s doing personal training sessions now. So I made my mind up. I´ve been talking about it for ages, but was always saying that I can´t afford it (to be fair I can´t really). I´ll still do it now. So I hand in my cancellation form at the leisure centre and today I signed up for Fitness First. I´ll get 3 PT sessions for free. I chose the same trainer as her, who´s supposed to be very hard. What can I say, others treat themselves for facials or Spa holidays, I sign up for torture sessions. I´m all exited, though. It will be interesting to know, what I capable of and when I´ll start crying! My friend´s got a session tonight. So I´ll go and do one of the classes. When she´s finished I´ll have a chat with the trainer to make an appointment.

I also set my goal weight yesterday. I set it for 10.7. It´s a bit higher then I originally wanted, but I think I will be able to maintain that. It´ll be a BMI of 23.5. That has to be good enough. That means I only have 5.5 to lose. That, plus the new fitness challenge, has given me a boost. Although my friend said to get ready, that I might not lose any weight or even put on weight in the beginning, because I´ll build up muscle. But he´ll measure my body fat percentage there, so I´ll still be able to see a success (hopefully). And I count on the fact that being weight by a superfit 22 year old male every week should be some extra motivation not to stuff my face with too much junk.

I might try out Spinning for the first time tonight, although my legs are quite tired from yesterday. I was barking mad, doing a 5km run on the treadmill right before I did Body Combat. Almost 10 extra points, though.

I´m hungry now. Will make myself a tomatoesoup now for 0.5 points. Not sure what to have with it, yet. Surely I´ll find something!

Come on Petra, only 5.5 to go! Get your a*** into gear!

Have a good week everyone


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Why do you want to lose weight?

Had to bring my car to the garage on Wednesday. On the M6 to work Tuesday, the light for the water started glowing. Still drove the car after work with the light on most of the time. I always take my nephew, who´s working there, too. When we drove into Cannock, it smelled quite burned. My brother-in-law had a look at it. Mind it was 11:45pm by then. When we opened bonnet the water was boiling away. When he opened the water tank, the cap just flew off and a fontain of boiling water was coming out. I´m so glad that nobody got hurt. Couldn´t have lived with myself. No need to say that I thought it would cost a fortune, but just heard that the car is fixed now, and it will 'only' be £105.

To stay on track at work on Tuesday, I brought my own food in. One ham roll with mustard (the kind that burns your nose free) and a jam roll, carrots, chewitz, a WW creamed rice (god, I love it!) and WW cake (the customers always get cake after the game, and this way I could still have some, without having the 1.000.000 cal one). But after all this car business, I seriously needed a glass of wine and a treat. So I came 3.5 over my daily allowance, even with the 2 extra points I allow myself. But I don´t worry about that too much.

Yesterday we brought Auntie Margaret back to the airport and I just couldn´t resist this lovely Raspberry White Choc Muffins for about 8P. So again 3.5 over.

I also came on this morning, so I don´t see, everything being back off on Sunday, but I´m still glad, that I´m not going completely crazy anymore.

We´re going to a neighbour´s birthday party tonight, but it´s not gonna be a late one, because I´m working again tomorrow and we take the kids. Well, the real reason is, that it´s Lost night, so I have to be back for 9o´clock. Is that pretty sad?

At work on Tuesday I had the famous Why-do-you-want-to-lose-weight-anyway question again. When I first started WW 6 years ago, this girl started with us. She had about the same BMI like I have now (about 24.5-25). I asked her, where she wanted to lose weight? From her earlope? Now I feel awful for saying that, because I´m in the same position. It would have been different, if I completed my journey in one go, but I simply haven´t. Like that girl I want to reach an BMI of about 22, which is the ideal and doesn´t make me a Victoria Beckham.

When I was bigger, in a conversation, my boss in her size 6 chanel jacket, mentioned the successful weightloss of another colleague and said to me: "Oh, but don´t get me wrong, if you´re happy with yourself..." I definitely prefer the "But you don´t have to lose weight", but it still does not help whatsoever. This is about finishing what I started so long ago, and not always thinking: "What if." I will finish it now, not just for the looks, but for my self believe, for making the best out of myself. And of course for the lovely dresses, the shorts and the jumpsuits. Still have to work on my wearing-heels-skills, but it´s on the agenda!

Oh, one more thing: I was doing the fitness coach again yesterday and it was upper body strength. I had to do push ups with my shins on the stability ball. Two sets à 12. I did them!!! Not perfectly, but still not bad.

Hope you´re having a good week


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stepping back on

Had my first day of complete tracking again. I´m determined not to throw the towel. Of course I could beat myself up for letting myself go so much, but I´d beat myself up even more, if I let it go on.

Excercised a bit again today. Haven´t done anything since last Tuesday. Will step that up again this week. I can´t go to combat tonight, because WBA have a home match today and I´ll be working. I decided to allow myself extra 2 points, when I´m working on night matches, because I´ll be running around till 10.30 tonight. Very often it ends up, telling myself: "Oh come on, you deserve something extra", what then ends up in having the rich cakes from work and wine afterwards. Giving myself this extra 2 could help staying in the limits.

I finally found my USB cable so I can upload newer pictures. I tried to take some of myself. Tried it in front of the mirror in our bedroom, but you can only see the flash. Now I took some picture in the kitchen. You have to excuse the straint looking face, because I pressed the button and then jumped backwards, in hope that I would get a full body shot. Had some lovely pictures of the ceiling or the bottom of the cupboard, when the camera was tipping backwards.

Hear´s to a full week of tracking!


Sunday, 7 March 2010

What is wrong with me?

In the past two weeks I didn´t just fall off the wagon, I took a flying leap! My days were full of chocolates, biscuits, McDonalds, Chinese, pizza. You name it, I had it. And loads of it! And all the time I was fully aware of what I was doing, but I just didn´t stop. I simply kept sabotaging myself. Can anybody tell me why, because I just don´t get it. I stept on the scales this morning, scared to keep my eyes open and of course it showed another gain of 4lbs. I should go to WI today, but I think I stuff it. We got family coming round for coffee and cake (more cake) this afternoon anyway.

I´m so pissed off with myself (excuse my language), I can´t put it into words. My intention is to make a fresh start tomorrow, hoping that´ll find my way again. But I´m very scared, too that I can´t stop this.

I don´t know what else to say.

Wish me luck


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Somebody send me some energy!

Looks like I ran out! Emptying the dishwasher takes so much effort, you could think I have to decorate the whole house! You can imagine, what that leads to: Cravings for surgary foods. But so far, I´ve been quite good. I cooked a big pot of carrot soup. I blended it, so it´s seems creamy and is more filling. You can also put some ham, or my favorite: peanutbutter in it. Chillipowder on top...yum! I had some pizza toast with it. I just put passata on toast, some grated cheese on top and into the oven. For my sweet tooth I made a bowl with an orange, low cal jelly and a WW vanilla yoghurt. So for now I´m quite satisfied.

My plan was to bank points for Saturday, but haven´t been very successful there. After two days, I´m 1.5P up. So my activity points might have to be enough to keep the damage in check. In two days I already managed 20 activity points. This is with wearing my pedometer (only use car on school runs, if I really have to) and 45 min wii on Monday and a combat and a step class yesterday. It was straight after another, so I slept very well last night.

Why is it, that some day are relatively easy to keep control and others are so hard? I mean there´s not a minute in my life that I can´t eat chocolate. Even after a huge dinner and I feel like I could pop, I can still eat a fair amount of chocolate, or cake, or jellybeans or (the list goes on and on). So it takes willpower everyday, but sometimes is almost unbearable. Today is a medium hard day so far (how bad it really is, will show tonight. That´s the hardest time of the day). But I will try to make the best out of it.

I did my 8 week messures this morning. Since I started I lost 1/4 inch on my arm (that´s the one part I don´t really have to lose), 1.5 inches round my waist, 1 inch round my hips and 1/2 inch of my thigh. I´m not really sure, how to feel about it. I know, I could have done better, but however slow, there´s success. I feel it on my clothes as well. I´m fitting in all my clothes again. When everything was too tight and the fat was flapping over, I actually considered to blame Jock for putting the clothes in the dryer. Well, it was not that. So one minigoal, fitting into my clothes again: Check!

I don´t even set myself any minigoals. I just try to do day after day and hope to get there in the end and look fabulous in a UK size 8! At the speed I´m going at the moment that will be in 2020.

Maybe it´s just the time of the year and I´m still in hibernation.

Time to get on with some work. Move, body move... Come on, you can do it.... Maybe I´ll just have one more coffee.....


Monday, 1 March 2010

New week Fresh spirit

And I faced the music to find out that I was 1.5 up. I don´t even complain about that, because it could have been much worse, considering how bad I was.

So today I´m in fresh spirits again. I even tried to plan a bit for this week. There won´t be anything super fancy. I´ll make a Bolognese tonight which we´ll have with pasta today and with a baked potatoe tomorrow. On Wednesday I´ll try the pizza from 'This week'. Thursday night I´ll be working at a boring dinner for Labour people. My boss calls them VVIP´s. I remember from last year that I was bored stupid. On Friday I´ll treat the kids and we´ll just have fishfingers with selfmade chips. On Saturday we´re out for the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents in law, so I´ll try to safe a few points everyday for that. I don´t intend to count points on that dinner. At least I won´t drink, because we´ll have the kids with us. Sunday it will be just a carrot-potatoe soup with chilli and peanut butter. I´m still not so good with the Sunday roast thing. What can I say, I´m a foreigner! I do them every here and then, but I just don´t enjoy standing in the kitchen for hours.

This week will be a lot calmer. Thank god! I tried to catch up a bit on the housework. God, it was a bombsite. Washed clothes everywhere. The ironing board is up waiting to be used, but will have to wait till tonight. I actually hung out some washing, because it´s such a beautiful day. I doubt that it´ll dry, but it´ll smell fantastic!

I already did 45 min cardio with the wii fitness coach. It´s so time to start some outdoor running again, but I´m a bit nervous, because I haven´t run outside for at least half a year. Best is just to do it. Most likely I´ll be surprised.

I´m pretty confident that this week will be better. I´ve still lost 9lbs in 8 weeks. I know that is nothing great, but I´m still loosing.

I wish you all a good week