Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Stepping back on

Had my first day of complete tracking again. I´m determined not to throw the towel. Of course I could beat myself up for letting myself go so much, but I´d beat myself up even more, if I let it go on.

Excercised a bit again today. Haven´t done anything since last Tuesday. Will step that up again this week. I can´t go to combat tonight, because WBA have a home match today and I´ll be working. I decided to allow myself extra 2 points, when I´m working on night matches, because I´ll be running around till 10.30 tonight. Very often it ends up, telling myself: "Oh come on, you deserve something extra", what then ends up in having the rich cakes from work and wine afterwards. Giving myself this extra 2 could help staying in the limits.

I finally found my USB cable so I can upload newer pictures. I tried to take some of myself. Tried it in front of the mirror in our bedroom, but you can only see the flash. Now I took some picture in the kitchen. You have to excuse the straint looking face, because I pressed the button and then jumped backwards, in hope that I would get a full body shot. Had some lovely pictures of the ceiling or the bottom of the cupboard, when the camera was tipping backwards.

Hear´s to a full week of tracking!



  1. I have to say, you look bloody good! Glad you're not beating yourself up - we all lose the plot sometimes and at least you're back on track.

    My boyfriend would love you since you work at WBA!! I'll have to look for you next time we are there :)

  2. You look fantastic! Well done on having a full day's tracking under your belt (so to speak!)

    I'll have to watch football tonight too as it's european match week yet again. Maybe I'll be able to sneak off and watch a dvd in the back room.