Saturday, 29 January 2011

Early morning workouts and psychic parties

Yesterday I started my day again with my favorite workout. The one right after getting up. Well okay after my first 2 cups of coffee. I can´t do anything before my caffeine fix. I´m a Gilmore girl in that way (my favorite television program).

Anyway, apart from the fact that they say it´s 3 times as effective, because it hits the stored fat straight away, not having any carbs to burn in you, it makes the rest of the day so much easier.

Yesterday I didn´t get up as early as I wanted, so I only had 30min. In that time I did the 15min speed program to warm up on the treadmill (only did 12 off them, leaving the walking part at the end. Than:
Wide stence squats for my inner thighs with up-rows with 10kg in each hand 30x
Normal squats with shoulderpresses with 10kg 40x
On Step-knee lift-down lunge with 5kg in hand 15 on each leg
Combination of front plank with bum up and down 15 times holding for 10sec into side plank arm reaching up and around waist 20 holding arm up, back into front plank and same on other side. Both sides twice.
And bycicle curls 100x

That left me super energized for the day.

I needed that, because I had to prepare for my psychic party in the evening. In December my husband and I went on a ghost hunt. Two of our nieces are very into that and are complete believers. We always liked Most Haunted (well up to this weird artist medium), and even wanted to see a show. We already had the tickets, but then they cancelled everything. We went to this old scruffy pub in Rugely, where there used to be a doctor who poisened people for the insurance money (that is a historical fact). I have to say, I am quite sceptic and most of the time I just had a giggle. We did Ouiji (is this how you spell it???) and table tipping. I have to admit the table tipping was impressive, because this table was spinning on one leg, that we had to run round the table. This can´t have been a trick, because we were carrying this little table around with us, but if it´s really a ghost doing that...? Well, who knows. Although when we went down to the cellar it became spooky. You heard beer barrels being moved, although nobody was there and we all heard a very loud spooky noise calling out 'Elsie'. That of course could have been a trick.

Anyway, this medium does psychic parties and I invited her for two of my friends and my two nieces. She did psychic cards (no tarot cards, not that it makes a big difference for me), and she took jewelery from us to see what it tells her. For some things fit very well, for one of my friends and me rather not. My cards could have meant everything and nothing and what she got from my wedding band didn´t get me very excited either. There were things about driving on the wrong side of the road (well, she knew that I´m German and we do drive on the other side of the road), asking me if I ever was on a cruise (well the picture by the fire with my family surrounding a ships captain could have been a give away), and the year 2006 (again our wedding picture with the date on it, could have led to that question). So you can imagine, I´m not jumping up and down with excitment, although she really did some good hits with my friend, which weren´t obvious at all.

I wanted to believe and it would have been nice, if there would have been some messages from the other side. Especially for my one friend, who lost her mom last year and maybe my father saying hi. But at least she was honest in that way, that she didn´t come up with b******* and just said she couldn´t sense any spirits.

Of course there was quite a bit of wine involved, so today was a very lazy day. I don´t have to comment on the food side, because that´s the typical after a boozy night, starting with bacon rolls and finishing the birthday cake. I had half an hour on the treadmill though and even upped the speed to 8.2mil/hr. Of course not where I used to be, but I rather up it steadily than ending with torn muscle fibre again.

Tomorrow I got a training session. I should be able to perform a bit better again.

We have to go to a party tonight, although we really don´t want to. Will be a short one, because apart from having no interest, I don´t want to drink.

Have a good weekend everyone


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The big 40!

It´s finally there. I´m forty!!! And you know what? No depression in sight! I´m not gonna have a big bash. In fact this day goes pretty much like any other. After bringing the kids to school, I had a surprise phone call from Germany from an ex fling. That was a very nice surprise. After chatting for an hour I went on my favorite birthday present. My treadmill:

I set the timer for 50 min. I walked to minutes to warm up and than ran with an between 5.5 and 5.8 ml/hr. I got interrupted by my mobile beeping a few times, but I always stopped the treadmill, so that I still ran 48 minutes and did 4.4miles. This is how I look afterwards. Pretty soaky!

Then shower, picking up my daughter to go to a lunch date to one of her nursery friends.

Afternoon will be play date with two of my friends in our favorite indoor playground. And there will be lovely cake. Evening will be relaxed with ASDA pizza.

The only thing I´ll do for my birthday will be a psychic party on Friday. I´m sure that´ll be a laugh. Oh and then on Saturday my in-laws will have the kids over night, so that hubby and I can go to a party. Much prefer it that way, because just the thought of organizing a party gives me the shudders.

I can easily say the thirties were the best time of my life. I finally learned to feel more content, I met my wonderful husband, had my absolutely fantastic kids, moved country, bought a house and made beautiful friends. And I shouldn´t forget that exercise became a constant part of my life. Now that I got everything here, I really can´t make myself to not train. My one and only rest day, was still started with the 15min speed program on the treadmill.

I´m even using my weights, because I know, I have to work on strengthening the muscles, if I want to stay injury free. When I want to do a good session, I make myself a plan, to which I stick. On Saturday it contained Warm up (15min speed program L6 - max speed 7mi/hr, step - step up, knee lift, lunge with weights 20x, 30 squats with weights, squat-jump over step-squat 20, holding squat position against wall for 40sec. Than I did a Tabata 40:20 that I downloaded. That means 40sec strenous work, 20 sec rest. I did 4 sets each of Up-Downs, Shoulderpresses, Bicepcurls, chestpresses, sit-ups, plank with lifting bum up and down and quick step ups on step.

That all took me about an hour with the cool down. I´m still nowhere near my old strength. For example holding the squat position or planks. I used to be able to hold a plank for ages. Well I will get there again.

So roll on fourties! I´m ready. See, if you can top the thirties!

Have a good week everyone.


Friday, 21 January 2011

Okay, I did it!

I've cancelled my Weight Watcher subscription! I had to find a way, which let me change my ways for good. For quite a few years WW was the way for me to stay in a healthy weight range, although I always wanted to lose this little bit more. Sometimes I got close, but never for long. But in the last year it really backfired. When I decided to live it, I thought of nothing else but food. What will I eat, how many points, saving enough points for the evening munch. Most days I was good in the day, but went beserk in the evening.

So I had to rethink. Stress is one of the main reason's for my binge attacks. And all the measuring, weighing, counting, planing and tracking just added to the stress. I usually left some points to allow the nibbles at night, but more often then not I didn´t stop when I should have, even to the point that I made myself sick. I knew that it´s wrong and it´s going too far, but I just couldn´t reign myself in. So the solution is quite simple: DON'T EVEN START!

So that´s what I´ve been doing for the past week. I had my dinner, sometimes with or without a desert and that was it. Of course that does take willpower as well, but not nearly as much, as stopping myself.

In the day I pretty much eat what I want. That of course doesn´t mean, that I eat pizza all day long, but if I feel like it I have it, without thinking about, how I have to leave something else. In fact I had pizza twice this week and not the skinny ones. I also had muffins, choc, waffles, chips and so on. Although usually my main meals are rather healthy. Years of WW taught me well there.

The one thing I´m doing to lose the pounds is excercise, which means doing something I love! It feels so good that I can push myself again. I did some kind of workout everyday. I got it much easier in that way now too, because I got everything here, including a crosstrainer and a treadmill (oh, my two beauties!!!). I can´t tell you, how chuffed I am with them!

That gives me so much more freedom, because I always had to decide what I get done in the 2.5hrs in the morning, when I´m kid´s free: either I work and do the housework, or I go to the gym, which always left me with some kind of bad concience, hence more stressed! Now I can just put in half an hour or a full one, when it fits the day. I still go to the gym, and I still run outside, but I´ve got the choice.

And now the funny thing. I lost 4lbs in this week. Absolutely stressfree!!! And this doesn´t give me the feeling, like I can go a bit crazy, or like 'rewarding myself' because I really, really don´t deprive myself of anything. And I don´t feel the need at all to kill a box of chocolates tonight.

I am convinced that this is a way of life I can live for good. Just normal!

I don´t set myself a goal weight, or in what time I want to lose a certain amount. I rather got in mind, how I want to look and feel.

And just taking the stess out, really makes me feel very good!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Monday, 17 January 2011

Has it really been that long??????????????

OMG! It really doesn´t feel like it, but the last time I blogged it was summer!

And I just saw that I received an award! Thank you so much, but I really don´t think I deserve it. I haven´t been doing well at all!

I caught up on a few blogs and it´s lovely to read that you´re all still there and going. I had to take a break, because the more I stressed about the food, the binge attacks got worse. At the moment I´m not tracking or counting points. The only thing I´m doing is upping my excercise again.

I was struggling with injuries for the wole year. I finally managed to get rid of the bursitis. The steroid injection didn´t work, but I´ve been seing a sports therapist (my Mr. MagicHands) and it was finally gone. But silly buddy me, didn´t give it enough time and after my first longer run outside I thought it would be a great idea to finish with a sprint....bad, bad, bad idea. Torn fibres in the thigh. Ouch and another 6 weeks recovery. But I like to think that I learned my lesson now and I work on building up the muscles again and listen, when my body says, it´s enough for now.

Even my trainer goes a bit easier on me at the moment, which is so not like him. So New Year resolution: Get old fitness back without making more damage.

It´s the big 4 0 for me this month and my lovely husbands wants to build me my own little gym at the bottom of the garden! How cool is that?? I already ordered a treadmill, a bike/crosstrainer, a step and bought weights, a gym ball and boxing gloves and pads, although he hasn´t even started building yet. It´ll all have to live in the dining room for now. Will hopefully be an inspiration for him to get started soon. :-)

At the moment you see so many weight loss programs on TV. And one big part is always the mental issue. Yesterday evening I sat on the couch and wrote down a few of mine, which I won´t bore you with. But all in all I got a very poor opinion about myself, which I know is not healthy. Even if I want to say something good about myself, it always comes with a big 'BUT'. Blowing my own trumpet just makes me cringe. I know that it is very possible that the reason behind that is, that my parents were not big friends of praising. But it makes sense that the reason behind my evening binge sessions are, that when it´s time to calm down, I just feel like a failure and try to numb that feeling with food.

Result: officially overweight again.

But I´m still not ready to give up. Plan for now: no food after 7pm (started yesterday), lots of excercise and working on my self-esteem.

So every evening now, instead of concentrating on all the things I didn´t manage to do that day, I will write down, what I did manage and what I did well.

Sounds good eh?

Hope you forgive me for making myself so rare. I will be back!

Have a good week