Saturday, 29 January 2011

Early morning workouts and psychic parties

Yesterday I started my day again with my favorite workout. The one right after getting up. Well okay after my first 2 cups of coffee. I can´t do anything before my caffeine fix. I´m a Gilmore girl in that way (my favorite television program).

Anyway, apart from the fact that they say it´s 3 times as effective, because it hits the stored fat straight away, not having any carbs to burn in you, it makes the rest of the day so much easier.

Yesterday I didn´t get up as early as I wanted, so I only had 30min. In that time I did the 15min speed program to warm up on the treadmill (only did 12 off them, leaving the walking part at the end. Than:
Wide stence squats for my inner thighs with up-rows with 10kg in each hand 30x
Normal squats with shoulderpresses with 10kg 40x
On Step-knee lift-down lunge with 5kg in hand 15 on each leg
Combination of front plank with bum up and down 15 times holding for 10sec into side plank arm reaching up and around waist 20 holding arm up, back into front plank and same on other side. Both sides twice.
And bycicle curls 100x

That left me super energized for the day.

I needed that, because I had to prepare for my psychic party in the evening. In December my husband and I went on a ghost hunt. Two of our nieces are very into that and are complete believers. We always liked Most Haunted (well up to this weird artist medium), and even wanted to see a show. We already had the tickets, but then they cancelled everything. We went to this old scruffy pub in Rugely, where there used to be a doctor who poisened people for the insurance money (that is a historical fact). I have to say, I am quite sceptic and most of the time I just had a giggle. We did Ouiji (is this how you spell it???) and table tipping. I have to admit the table tipping was impressive, because this table was spinning on one leg, that we had to run round the table. This can´t have been a trick, because we were carrying this little table around with us, but if it´s really a ghost doing that...? Well, who knows. Although when we went down to the cellar it became spooky. You heard beer barrels being moved, although nobody was there and we all heard a very loud spooky noise calling out 'Elsie'. That of course could have been a trick.

Anyway, this medium does psychic parties and I invited her for two of my friends and my two nieces. She did psychic cards (no tarot cards, not that it makes a big difference for me), and she took jewelery from us to see what it tells her. For some things fit very well, for one of my friends and me rather not. My cards could have meant everything and nothing and what she got from my wedding band didn´t get me very excited either. There were things about driving on the wrong side of the road (well, she knew that I´m German and we do drive on the other side of the road), asking me if I ever was on a cruise (well the picture by the fire with my family surrounding a ships captain could have been a give away), and the year 2006 (again our wedding picture with the date on it, could have led to that question). So you can imagine, I´m not jumping up and down with excitment, although she really did some good hits with my friend, which weren´t obvious at all.

I wanted to believe and it would have been nice, if there would have been some messages from the other side. Especially for my one friend, who lost her mom last year and maybe my father saying hi. But at least she was honest in that way, that she didn´t come up with b******* and just said she couldn´t sense any spirits.

Of course there was quite a bit of wine involved, so today was a very lazy day. I don´t have to comment on the food side, because that´s the typical after a boozy night, starting with bacon rolls and finishing the birthday cake. I had half an hour on the treadmill though and even upped the speed to 8.2mil/hr. Of course not where I used to be, but I rather up it steadily than ending with torn muscle fibre again.

Tomorrow I got a training session. I should be able to perform a bit better again.

We have to go to a party tonight, although we really don´t want to. Will be a short one, because apart from having no interest, I don´t want to drink.

Have a good weekend everyone


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