Friday, 21 January 2011

Okay, I did it!

I've cancelled my Weight Watcher subscription! I had to find a way, which let me change my ways for good. For quite a few years WW was the way for me to stay in a healthy weight range, although I always wanted to lose this little bit more. Sometimes I got close, but never for long. But in the last year it really backfired. When I decided to live it, I thought of nothing else but food. What will I eat, how many points, saving enough points for the evening munch. Most days I was good in the day, but went beserk in the evening.

So I had to rethink. Stress is one of the main reason's for my binge attacks. And all the measuring, weighing, counting, planing and tracking just added to the stress. I usually left some points to allow the nibbles at night, but more often then not I didn´t stop when I should have, even to the point that I made myself sick. I knew that it´s wrong and it´s going too far, but I just couldn´t reign myself in. So the solution is quite simple: DON'T EVEN START!

So that´s what I´ve been doing for the past week. I had my dinner, sometimes with or without a desert and that was it. Of course that does take willpower as well, but not nearly as much, as stopping myself.

In the day I pretty much eat what I want. That of course doesn´t mean, that I eat pizza all day long, but if I feel like it I have it, without thinking about, how I have to leave something else. In fact I had pizza twice this week and not the skinny ones. I also had muffins, choc, waffles, chips and so on. Although usually my main meals are rather healthy. Years of WW taught me well there.

The one thing I´m doing to lose the pounds is excercise, which means doing something I love! It feels so good that I can push myself again. I did some kind of workout everyday. I got it much easier in that way now too, because I got everything here, including a crosstrainer and a treadmill (oh, my two beauties!!!). I can´t tell you, how chuffed I am with them!

That gives me so much more freedom, because I always had to decide what I get done in the 2.5hrs in the morning, when I´m kid´s free: either I work and do the housework, or I go to the gym, which always left me with some kind of bad concience, hence more stressed! Now I can just put in half an hour or a full one, when it fits the day. I still go to the gym, and I still run outside, but I´ve got the choice.

And now the funny thing. I lost 4lbs in this week. Absolutely stressfree!!! And this doesn´t give me the feeling, like I can go a bit crazy, or like 'rewarding myself' because I really, really don´t deprive myself of anything. And I don´t feel the need at all to kill a box of chocolates tonight.

I am convinced that this is a way of life I can live for good. Just normal!

I don´t set myself a goal weight, or in what time I want to lose a certain amount. I rather got in mind, how I want to look and feel.

And just taking the stess out, really makes me feel very good!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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