Sunday, 31 January 2010

But I said 'No' to the cream

That´s about the only good thing that can be said about my food choices this week. Refusing the cream didn´t stop me from eating a double portion of rhubarb crumble, though.

Got the ticket at the WI today as well: +1.5!

Somehow I still thought: "Maybe I got away with it." Come on woman, get real! This week I swallowed so much chocolate and cake and wine and jelly babies and and and, that in a way I should be happy, that it isn´t any more.

And why? Hubby really messed up this week (he´s really sorry and I let him know that he so owes me a fabulous day out) that I tried to punish him in behaving Look-what-you-make-do. How sad is that! No need to say that it was myself, who I really punished. You silly silly mooh!

Of course the intentions for next week (no from right now) are the best. I will get my cooking books out, or have a look online for recipes and plan, what to cook for the week. Find that helps me a lot.

Should have a quite relaxed week ahead. I don´t have to do any calls for my mystery shopping till the week after and I don´t have to work at the Albions till the 9th.

Just leaves me with my German job. I work for a vitamin and food supplement retailer, who started marketing in Germany last year. I started out translating their website, catalogue, labels etc and now do the sales (taking orders, do the correspondence and whatever is needed). I do all of that from home as well, which of course is handy, when you have two little kids, but I never really have a day off. It doesn´t help, that I´m the most unorganized woman ever lived. I´m doing fantastic one day and get all sorts done, but the next day I run around like a headless chicken and barely manage to pick up a piece of paper over which I stepped 10 times already.

Good news is that I think I can step my exercise up again. Have been pain free for two days, so I´ll give combat a go again on Tuesday and hope that my ligaments stay calm.

So, time to find some yummy recipes. I am going to have a good week!!!!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Just a quick one

I´m having a really bad week. Already had 3 days, when I just stopped tracking and stuffing. My disastrous birthday didn´t help. Just took it for an excuse to feel really sorry for myself and go into What-the-heck-mood. But I don´t want to throw it all completely. I always did that, but I don´t want to this time.

I´m going to work at the football today. I will prepare my sandwich and take some snacks. My breakfast already was bigger than planned, because I nicked the jam waffle of my daughter, which she didn´t want to eat and ate it on top of my normal cereal. But that isn´t a catastrophy.

Of course no hope for tomorrows WI, but it doesn´t have to be really bad.

One little thing: I´m still achy from the wii (my fitness coach and the boxing one). I was doing it from Monday to yesterday, because I still can´t do any running or combat and I´m really surprised how much it tones. Sitting down on the toilet still makes me slump down the last few inches once I come into squat position....ouch!

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy birthday to me!

This is the last year I´ll be honest about my age. From now on I will just stick. It´s my 39th birthday today.
And I think, I never had a more depressing one. I just want this day to be over.

My usually very lovely and caring husband told me yesterday that he didn´t have anything for my birthday. I´m not after any fancy presents, because we simply can´t afford any at the moment, but I really expected that he would have sat down with the kids on Saturday, when I was working all day, to make a card or something. So I was very disappointed and told him so as well, but also told him not to bother anymore. He still sneaked out, to get two cards (one for the kids and one for him), a bunch of sad looking flowers and a clothes voucher (most likely from the garage).

All year, I´m sitting with the kids, trying to make creative cards, but when it´s my birthday, he has to grab the kids, when they are already in bed to scribble the signature (only from my boy, because my daughter´s not 3, yet) on a card, he just bought 10min. ago. No need to say, that I´m really hurt. So just let this day be over.

But back to the weightloss. I had my WI on Sunday and I lost .5lbs, which I´m really pleased about, because this time of the month I usually rather have +3.

Today I already had a bit more cake than I should have, but it is my birthday after all and it´s only light sponge cake for 5.5points. I also did some boxing on the wii. I still can´t train as much as I want to, because my leg is still playing up. It´s a pain in the ...(leg). So running or combat is absolutely out of the question.

So, I better get ready now, because I have to pick my son up from school. Will take them to our indoor playground. This way I´m doing something a little bit special on my birthday and I´m not home when hubby comes home. I´m absolutely not in the mood for arguing either. So time to have some fun and burn some calories climbing and sliding.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

God, I´m sick of this grey weather!!

I find this time of the year just depressing! You just can´t wait for spring to roll on, but it´s still ages to go. But I don´t want to waste time wishing for something else. The years go by so quickly and being depressed for 3 month is a real waste. Still hard to keep the spirits up.

My WI went OK. I lost 1lbs. I´m pleased with it.

This week the time of the month will start and usually I go absolutely crazy stuffing my face with everything in range, mainly chocolate. This week I´ve got a plan. If I feel the urge again (and I have to say I´m pretty amazed that it´s not happening yet, because usually it´s the whole week before the start) I will eat a whole pack of the WW bars without a bad conscious. This is still better than going for the higher cal options. That should be easily covered with my AP´s. Well, it sounds good in theory and hopefully I´ll manage to at least not put on. I easily put on 2-3lbs under normal circumstances and that is not just water.

I feel a bit weird, because I´m writing just for myself at the moment, but I want to keep on, because I got the feeling it helps me to stay on track. It´s harder to tell somebody else that I´m loosing control. For some reason, although I like going to the meeting and I finally found a leader who didn´t put me to sleep and seems to involve everyone and not only the favorite front row.

I just got my veg soup out of the freezer. I´m not really good with variaty in my foods. I always cook a huge pot full and have it most lunches with a sandwich and the scrumptous WW creamed rice. The downsite is definitely the gases building up in my body from the soup. But it fills me up and I just blame the kids. :)

I´m in week 3 now and thank god it´s still not too hard. Not that I wouldn´t like to accompany the telly with munching along for hours, but for the time being I still feel in control. Thinking about my last attampt a few month back, when I hardly managed 3 days and fell of the waggon every single week, this feels so much better. But I´m very aware that it won´t stay. But I´m determind to get to goal and to become a goldmember. I think I will set my goal weight to 10st 2.
That is still 15lbs to go. That might sound like a piece of cake for some, but it´s still battling the same demons.

So, I really should get some work done. That´s what I switched on my computer for in the first place :/

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Why not having a munch and booze day the day before WI???

I don´t have just this little bit of naughties. No, I do it right. It started all at the football yesterday. We went to watch the Wolves. It was a birthday present for my husband, who´s a big supporter. Quite funny, because I work at the Westbromwhich Albions.

Although it must have been the poorest game of football I´ve ever seen, it was fantastic to have a day out and I was determind to enjoy myself. We went with his sister and her husband. First we went into an Irish club full of Wolves fans. I had 3 halfs of lager, which isn´t really bad. In the ground towards half time, with a seriously cold bum and really trying hard to follow the game (I don´t know, but I always miss the good parts, because I´m currently watching something else like how the row of stewards all sit down or get up from their chairs at the same time, valuating the status of boredom of the mascot and wondering what made this fan think that 4° is warm enough to just wear a T-shirt and no no no, please don´t take your shirt of unless you´re one of the players...yum). Anyway all the smells from this lovely rubbish food made me think, why not go for a giant hot dog. This thing was so huge and floppy, it was obscene! Don´t even want to think about how many points this dildo gone wrong had.

After the match and another half in the pint in the pub it was clear that I was over my daily points already. Back home, when the kids were in bed the Oh-what-the-heck mood kicked in and after lots of red wine, chocolate marshmellows and crisps I´m sure I had about 3 times the allowed points. Don´t think the Body Combat class in the morning was enough to justify that.

But if I´m honest, I don´t feel too bad about it, because hubby and I hardly ever do something just for us and I had a lovely day.

But now I have to face this afternoons WI. Pretty sure there won´t be a great loss. Will be over the moon with 1/2lbs loss and OK with ss or 1/2lbs on, because I was pretty good the rest of the week, although I only worked out twice so far. I had one session on the treadmill and I ran 6km at 9.6 km/hr for most of the time. I´m very pleased with that, because I haven´t done more than 5 before. Unfortunately my ligaments in my leg didn´t like it too much, especially not when I did the Body Combat class right the next morning. Ouch! What can I say, I´m starting to feel that I´m not 20 anymore, although I´m much fitter now than I was, when I was 20.

And I will give the treadmill another try right before my WI, trying to do a bit of damage control. My WI is in the leisure centre where I do my sports, so that´s very handy.

Wish me luck!

Friday, 15 January 2010

I´m a bit nervous

Hello everyone,

I´m Petra and I´m a foodoholic. I can always eat. Through WW I read a few blogs and I love them. Unlike the success stories, in which everything sounds so easy and straight forward, they show that the others go through the same struggles. Times when you just can´t stop yourself from binge eating.

So I decided to start my own blog, which is probably more for my own good, to help me to get through these phases without throwing the towel. I´ve never done anything like this and reading the other blogs, which are so funny and so perfectly articulated, I can´t help being a bit nervous. You see English is not my first language. I came over from Germany four years ago. I´m married to a Cannock lad. We met in Germany and at first we lived there, but with the birth of our son it was clear that he from then on will be the main breadwinner and it´s simply easier for him here.

The move was in the middle of my first WW attempt. To that time it felt fairly easy and I lost almost 2 stone. But I never lost the last stone. At least I managed to pretty much keep it off (sometimes more and sometimes less). I tried by myself, but it never got me very far. So I went to a meeting here. I´m not quite sure for how long. Let me just say this is the 3rd attempt in England. The last one was the most disastrous. I didn´t even manage to stick to it for one week, although I lost 1/2 stone to start with, but then it just went downhill until christmas time came and I told myself I better start in the new year.

So here I am, week 2 of attempt 3 and so far so good. I haven´t fallen of the waggon, yet and I feel quite relaxed. I decided to do it the way I did it in the German meeting four years ago. To that time large portions of potatoes were 2 points no matter how large and a large portion of pasta was 4 and lots of fruit like apple or pear are 0 points (of course only for 1). But I´m calculating everything with the fat in total not only the saturated, so many things are higher in points with this way of counting. As far as I know they changed it over there as well to something with weekly points. But I´m just trying to find the best way that works for me and this seems to be it. I lost 4lbs in my first WI so it looks like it still does. Need another 5 to be back in the healthy weight range. But of course I would like to go a bit further. My aim is to come down to an BMI of 22, which is about 1 1/2 stone away.

One thing that´s new for me is that I don´t check the scales in the week. Well, that´s not entirely true, because I do go on the scales sometimes, but definetely not every day, as used to be, and if to so random times with different kinds of clothes and various states of stomach fullness that I can´t really tell, if something significant has happened.

So now the dangerous time has come. It´s couch and telly time. Watching the Most Haunted live show. This is always my time, when I can constantly stuff my face. But at the moment the low fat hot chocolate seems to work to not go overboard with the nibbling. No chance that I leave it completely!

So that was it from me for now. I hope I didn´t do too many mistakes. You probably have noticed that I don´t have a clue about the English comma rules. But heyho.

So couch, here I come!!!!