Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy birthday to me!

This is the last year I´ll be honest about my age. From now on I will just stick. It´s my 39th birthday today.
And I think, I never had a more depressing one. I just want this day to be over.

My usually very lovely and caring husband told me yesterday that he didn´t have anything for my birthday. I´m not after any fancy presents, because we simply can´t afford any at the moment, but I really expected that he would have sat down with the kids on Saturday, when I was working all day, to make a card or something. So I was very disappointed and told him so as well, but also told him not to bother anymore. He still sneaked out, to get two cards (one for the kids and one for him), a bunch of sad looking flowers and a clothes voucher (most likely from the garage).

All year, I´m sitting with the kids, trying to make creative cards, but when it´s my birthday, he has to grab the kids, when they are already in bed to scribble the signature (only from my boy, because my daughter´s not 3, yet) on a card, he just bought 10min. ago. No need to say, that I´m really hurt. So just let this day be over.

But back to the weightloss. I had my WI on Sunday and I lost .5lbs, which I´m really pleased about, because this time of the month I usually rather have +3.

Today I already had a bit more cake than I should have, but it is my birthday after all and it´s only light sponge cake for 5.5points. I also did some boxing on the wii. I still can´t train as much as I want to, because my leg is still playing up. It´s a pain in the ...(leg). So running or combat is absolutely out of the question.

So, I better get ready now, because I have to pick my son up from school. Will take them to our indoor playground. This way I´m doing something a little bit special on my birthday and I´m not home when hubby comes home. I´m absolutely not in the mood for arguing either. So time to have some fun and burn some calories climbing and sliding.

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