Sunday, 17 January 2010

Why not having a munch and booze day the day before WI???

I don´t have just this little bit of naughties. No, I do it right. It started all at the football yesterday. We went to watch the Wolves. It was a birthday present for my husband, who´s a big supporter. Quite funny, because I work at the Westbromwhich Albions.

Although it must have been the poorest game of football I´ve ever seen, it was fantastic to have a day out and I was determind to enjoy myself. We went with his sister and her husband. First we went into an Irish club full of Wolves fans. I had 3 halfs of lager, which isn´t really bad. In the ground towards half time, with a seriously cold bum and really trying hard to follow the game (I don´t know, but I always miss the good parts, because I´m currently watching something else like how the row of stewards all sit down or get up from their chairs at the same time, valuating the status of boredom of the mascot and wondering what made this fan think that 4° is warm enough to just wear a T-shirt and no no no, please don´t take your shirt of unless you´re one of the players...yum). Anyway all the smells from this lovely rubbish food made me think, why not go for a giant hot dog. This thing was so huge and floppy, it was obscene! Don´t even want to think about how many points this dildo gone wrong had.

After the match and another half in the pint in the pub it was clear that I was over my daily points already. Back home, when the kids were in bed the Oh-what-the-heck mood kicked in and after lots of red wine, chocolate marshmellows and crisps I´m sure I had about 3 times the allowed points. Don´t think the Body Combat class in the morning was enough to justify that.

But if I´m honest, I don´t feel too bad about it, because hubby and I hardly ever do something just for us and I had a lovely day.

But now I have to face this afternoons WI. Pretty sure there won´t be a great loss. Will be over the moon with 1/2lbs loss and OK with ss or 1/2lbs on, because I was pretty good the rest of the week, although I only worked out twice so far. I had one session on the treadmill and I ran 6km at 9.6 km/hr for most of the time. I´m very pleased with that, because I haven´t done more than 5 before. Unfortunately my ligaments in my leg didn´t like it too much, especially not when I did the Body Combat class right the next morning. Ouch! What can I say, I´m starting to feel that I´m not 20 anymore, although I´m much fitter now than I was, when I was 20.

And I will give the treadmill another try right before my WI, trying to do a bit of damage control. My WI is in the leisure centre where I do my sports, so that´s very handy.

Wish me luck!

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