Saturday, 30 January 2010

Just a quick one

I´m having a really bad week. Already had 3 days, when I just stopped tracking and stuffing. My disastrous birthday didn´t help. Just took it for an excuse to feel really sorry for myself and go into What-the-heck-mood. But I don´t want to throw it all completely. I always did that, but I don´t want to this time.

I´m going to work at the football today. I will prepare my sandwich and take some snacks. My breakfast already was bigger than planned, because I nicked the jam waffle of my daughter, which she didn´t want to eat and ate it on top of my normal cereal. But that isn´t a catastrophy.

Of course no hope for tomorrows WI, but it doesn´t have to be really bad.

One little thing: I´m still achy from the wii (my fitness coach and the boxing one). I was doing it from Monday to yesterday, because I still can´t do any running or combat and I´m really surprised how much it tones. Sitting down on the toilet still makes me slump down the last few inches once I come into squat position....ouch!

Have a good weekend

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