Tuesday, 19 January 2010

God, I´m sick of this grey weather!!

I find this time of the year just depressing! You just can´t wait for spring to roll on, but it´s still ages to go. But I don´t want to waste time wishing for something else. The years go by so quickly and being depressed for 3 month is a real waste. Still hard to keep the spirits up.

My WI went OK. I lost 1lbs. I´m pleased with it.

This week the time of the month will start and usually I go absolutely crazy stuffing my face with everything in range, mainly chocolate. This week I´ve got a plan. If I feel the urge again (and I have to say I´m pretty amazed that it´s not happening yet, because usually it´s the whole week before the start) I will eat a whole pack of the WW bars without a bad conscious. This is still better than going for the higher cal options. That should be easily covered with my AP´s. Well, it sounds good in theory and hopefully I´ll manage to at least not put on. I easily put on 2-3lbs under normal circumstances and that is not just water.

I feel a bit weird, because I´m writing just for myself at the moment, but I want to keep on, because I got the feeling it helps me to stay on track. It´s harder to tell somebody else that I´m loosing control. For some reason, although I like going to the meeting and I finally found a leader who didn´t put me to sleep and seems to involve everyone and not only the favorite front row.

I just got my veg soup out of the freezer. I´m not really good with variaty in my foods. I always cook a huge pot full and have it most lunches with a sandwich and the scrumptous WW creamed rice. The downsite is definitely the gases building up in my body from the soup. But it fills me up and I just blame the kids. :)

I´m in week 3 now and thank god it´s still not too hard. Not that I wouldn´t like to accompany the telly with munching along for hours, but for the time being I still feel in control. Thinking about my last attampt a few month back, when I hardly managed 3 days and fell of the waggon every single week, this feels so much better. But I´m very aware that it won´t stay. But I´m determind to get to goal and to become a goldmember. I think I will set my goal weight to 10st 2.
That is still 15lbs to go. That might sound like a piece of cake for some, but it´s still battling the same demons.

So, I really should get some work done. That´s what I switched on my computer for in the first place :/

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