Friday, 15 January 2010

I´m a bit nervous

Hello everyone,

I´m Petra and I´m a foodoholic. I can always eat. Through WW I read a few blogs and I love them. Unlike the success stories, in which everything sounds so easy and straight forward, they show that the others go through the same struggles. Times when you just can´t stop yourself from binge eating.

So I decided to start my own blog, which is probably more for my own good, to help me to get through these phases without throwing the towel. I´ve never done anything like this and reading the other blogs, which are so funny and so perfectly articulated, I can´t help being a bit nervous. You see English is not my first language. I came over from Germany four years ago. I´m married to a Cannock lad. We met in Germany and at first we lived there, but with the birth of our son it was clear that he from then on will be the main breadwinner and it´s simply easier for him here.

The move was in the middle of my first WW attempt. To that time it felt fairly easy and I lost almost 2 stone. But I never lost the last stone. At least I managed to pretty much keep it off (sometimes more and sometimes less). I tried by myself, but it never got me very far. So I went to a meeting here. I´m not quite sure for how long. Let me just say this is the 3rd attempt in England. The last one was the most disastrous. I didn´t even manage to stick to it for one week, although I lost 1/2 stone to start with, but then it just went downhill until christmas time came and I told myself I better start in the new year.

So here I am, week 2 of attempt 3 and so far so good. I haven´t fallen of the waggon, yet and I feel quite relaxed. I decided to do it the way I did it in the German meeting four years ago. To that time large portions of potatoes were 2 points no matter how large and a large portion of pasta was 4 and lots of fruit like apple or pear are 0 points (of course only for 1). But I´m calculating everything with the fat in total not only the saturated, so many things are higher in points with this way of counting. As far as I know they changed it over there as well to something with weekly points. But I´m just trying to find the best way that works for me and this seems to be it. I lost 4lbs in my first WI so it looks like it still does. Need another 5 to be back in the healthy weight range. But of course I would like to go a bit further. My aim is to come down to an BMI of 22, which is about 1 1/2 stone away.

One thing that´s new for me is that I don´t check the scales in the week. Well, that´s not entirely true, because I do go on the scales sometimes, but definetely not every day, as used to be, and if to so random times with different kinds of clothes and various states of stomach fullness that I can´t really tell, if something significant has happened.

So now the dangerous time has come. It´s couch and telly time. Watching the Most Haunted live show. This is always my time, when I can constantly stuff my face. But at the moment the low fat hot chocolate seems to work to not go overboard with the nibbling. No chance that I leave it completely!

So that was it from me for now. I hope I didn´t do too many mistakes. You probably have noticed that I don´t have a clue about the English comma rules. But heyho.

So couch, here I come!!!!

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  1. Petra,

    Count me as your follower #4! Thanks for reading my blog, made me curious to see who my 1st follower was. I enjoyed reading your blog and your WW journey. Tell me how much is a stone? is that 100 pounds?