Sunday, 31 January 2010

But I said 'No' to the cream

That´s about the only good thing that can be said about my food choices this week. Refusing the cream didn´t stop me from eating a double portion of rhubarb crumble, though.

Got the ticket at the WI today as well: +1.5!

Somehow I still thought: "Maybe I got away with it." Come on woman, get real! This week I swallowed so much chocolate and cake and wine and jelly babies and and and, that in a way I should be happy, that it isn´t any more.

And why? Hubby really messed up this week (he´s really sorry and I let him know that he so owes me a fabulous day out) that I tried to punish him in behaving Look-what-you-make-do. How sad is that! No need to say that it was myself, who I really punished. You silly silly mooh!

Of course the intentions for next week (no from right now) are the best. I will get my cooking books out, or have a look online for recipes and plan, what to cook for the week. Find that helps me a lot.

Should have a quite relaxed week ahead. I don´t have to do any calls for my mystery shopping till the week after and I don´t have to work at the Albions till the 9th.

Just leaves me with my German job. I work for a vitamin and food supplement retailer, who started marketing in Germany last year. I started out translating their website, catalogue, labels etc and now do the sales (taking orders, do the correspondence and whatever is needed). I do all of that from home as well, which of course is handy, when you have two little kids, but I never really have a day off. It doesn´t help, that I´m the most unorganized woman ever lived. I´m doing fantastic one day and get all sorts done, but the next day I run around like a headless chicken and barely manage to pick up a piece of paper over which I stepped 10 times already.

Good news is that I think I can step my exercise up again. Have been pain free for two days, so I´ll give combat a go again on Tuesday and hope that my ligaments stay calm.

So, time to find some yummy recipes. I am going to have a good week!!!!

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