Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Where´s the logic in that?

As you know, I had the best intentions for this week. And well, I managed the first day. I even managed to save the 4 points. I made a list what activity I had planned for this week. My fitness coach for the wii was planned on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Tuesday and Saturday combat and Thursday step and body pump. I did the cardio training on the wii and was really quite impressed, because it really had me sweating and my heart pumping (although I have to say, we had the woodburner going, which contributed to the sweat quite a bit.

But then yesterday I just couldn´t find the motivation for driving to the combat class. To be honest, I had a lasagne planned (which was gorgeous for 5 points) and I was so looking forward to it, so a slight soreness in my throat (I mean a real tiny bit of soreness) was reason enough to stay home. The logic thing to do would have been then to at least stick to my points. But OH NO, I decided that it is a great idea to stuff 4 french fancies, a cream egg, betzels and hell knows what in my mouth.

I know it´s because I was disappointed with myself and wrote the day off all together. At least is not bad enough that I do the same with the whole week. Today is good so far. I had an hour of cardio on the wii this morning and no slips so far on the food front, but the day is young. We have a kiddie birthday this afternoon and I don´t want to nibble on the chips or the nuggets.

I have to change the name of this blog, because it sounds so negative. Will think of something with a bit more umpff.

So I will go and look for my creative inner self.....

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