Sunday, 28 February 2010

What did I just say again?

This really hasn´t been a good week at all. I´ve been eating and drinking far too much and I´m not really looking forward for my WI today. I even had one of those days, when I was eating and eating and eating. I was absolutely concious about it. But I let myself.

I know, where it was coming from. I had a very stressy week, taking on too much work again. I will have to learn to say no sometimes. But at the moment I don´t really have much of a choice. Jock´s a bricklayer and the times are pretty hard. It happened three times, that the people he was working for didn´t have anymore work at the time. Fortunately it was never for long and it only took him a few phone calls to get back into work, but it was still quite scary. But spring´s coming and hopes are up that work will pick up again. But of course I try to help as much as I can.

Yesterday we had a first since we are parents. We were kids free for a whole night! Woohoo! We went to a 70's 80's party for the third year in a row. And let me tell you something: I never felt so old in my life! This year it was a complete different crowd. It was like parents with their teenage kids. More kids then parents. But we still had a good time with a McDonald afterwards. I know, I know. But come on! This was a day absolutely out of the ordinary and you have to have some fun sometimes!

Today of course it´s the normal 'After-drinking-carb-or-whatever-else-cravings'. We weren´t too bad though.

But having said all that and knowing, should the scale show a gain (more than possible) I won´t be jumping for joy, but I won´t be beating myself up about either. I look quite positive into the new week, because it should go much calmer. I´ll be able to plan much better and to exercise more.

So I better get on with my work. Want to get it behind me. And then I will go to face the music. Da da da daaaa.

Will let you know, what the damage was.

Have a lovely Sunday

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