Monday, 1 March 2010

New week Fresh spirit

And I faced the music to find out that I was 1.5 up. I don´t even complain about that, because it could have been much worse, considering how bad I was.

So today I´m in fresh spirits again. I even tried to plan a bit for this week. There won´t be anything super fancy. I´ll make a Bolognese tonight which we´ll have with pasta today and with a baked potatoe tomorrow. On Wednesday I´ll try the pizza from 'This week'. Thursday night I´ll be working at a boring dinner for Labour people. My boss calls them VVIP´s. I remember from last year that I was bored stupid. On Friday I´ll treat the kids and we´ll just have fishfingers with selfmade chips. On Saturday we´re out for the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents in law, so I´ll try to safe a few points everyday for that. I don´t intend to count points on that dinner. At least I won´t drink, because we´ll have the kids with us. Sunday it will be just a carrot-potatoe soup with chilli and peanut butter. I´m still not so good with the Sunday roast thing. What can I say, I´m a foreigner! I do them every here and then, but I just don´t enjoy standing in the kitchen for hours.

This week will be a lot calmer. Thank god! I tried to catch up a bit on the housework. God, it was a bombsite. Washed clothes everywhere. The ironing board is up waiting to be used, but will have to wait till tonight. I actually hung out some washing, because it´s such a beautiful day. I doubt that it´ll dry, but it´ll smell fantastic!

I already did 45 min cardio with the wii fitness coach. It´s so time to start some outdoor running again, but I´m a bit nervous, because I haven´t run outside for at least half a year. Best is just to do it. Most likely I´ll be surprised.

I´m pretty confident that this week will be better. I´ve still lost 9lbs in 8 weeks. I know that is nothing great, but I´m still loosing.

I wish you all a good week

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