Monday, 22 March 2010

Took some time off

I had two weeks in which I hardly tracked at all. If I tracked, it was until the afternoon to then absolutely lose it in the evenings. I can´t really tell you why. Only that I was just sick of staying in control all the time. At least I was still working out regularly.

But I went to WI yesterday and still managed to lose 0.5. Total shock, but I´m definitely not complaining.

On Wednesday I met up with a friend I haven´t seen for a 5 weeks. We used to go to WW together last year, but she gave it up. She looked like she´s lost quite a bit of weight. She told me that she´s doing personal training sessions now. So I made my mind up. I´ve been talking about it for ages, but was always saying that I can´t afford it (to be fair I can´t really). I´ll still do it now. So I hand in my cancellation form at the leisure centre and today I signed up for Fitness First. I´ll get 3 PT sessions for free. I chose the same trainer as her, who´s supposed to be very hard. What can I say, others treat themselves for facials or Spa holidays, I sign up for torture sessions. I´m all exited, though. It will be interesting to know, what I capable of and when I´ll start crying! My friend´s got a session tonight. So I´ll go and do one of the classes. When she´s finished I´ll have a chat with the trainer to make an appointment.

I also set my goal weight yesterday. I set it for 10.7. It´s a bit higher then I originally wanted, but I think I will be able to maintain that. It´ll be a BMI of 23.5. That has to be good enough. That means I only have 5.5 to lose. That, plus the new fitness challenge, has given me a boost. Although my friend said to get ready, that I might not lose any weight or even put on weight in the beginning, because I´ll build up muscle. But he´ll measure my body fat percentage there, so I´ll still be able to see a success (hopefully). And I count on the fact that being weight by a superfit 22 year old male every week should be some extra motivation not to stuff my face with too much junk.

I might try out Spinning for the first time tonight, although my legs are quite tired from yesterday. I was barking mad, doing a 5km run on the treadmill right before I did Body Combat. Almost 10 extra points, though.

I´m hungry now. Will make myself a tomatoesoup now for 0.5 points. Not sure what to have with it, yet. Surely I´ll find something!

Come on Petra, only 5.5 to go! Get your a*** into gear!

Have a good week everyone



  1. That's a seriously impressive amount of exercise you've been doing. I sort of envy you the personal trainer, mad though you must be! lol. I'm going to get myself into a routine of regular exercise first and then I might treat myself to a few sessions.

    Have a good week yourself. You're going to be at goal in no time!

  2. Well done for getting to the gym! My exercise is lacking - actually I do none! So I salute you!
    Claire xx

  3. Good luck with the PT.. I loved working out with one. It really does make you work harder knowing that a cute young guy is there watching you. LOL