Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Personal trainer is another word for torturer!

I had my first personal training session this morning! The trainer texted me after I got back from the gym, where I tried Tabata. I´d never heard of that before. For those who haven´t either, it´s a bit like circuit training but in intervalls. We had to do things like getting down on your belly, getting up, jump, back down on belly, back up and so on. There were 6 (I think) intervalls of 20sec. each, with breaks of 10sec. in between. There were also things like lunges, sprinting, weight lifting, sit-ups etc. What got to me worst was the shoulder presses. Still can´t lift my arms properly.

So afterwards I got the text telling me about my session at 10 o´clock this morning. I heard from my friend, how hard it is and I was really nervous. And OH MY GOD, I´ve never trained so hard in my life. I considered myself fairly fit, but I felt dizzy after not even 10 minutes. That was when I had to run on the treadmill, but the treadmill wasn´t switched on. I had to move the blooming thing just with my poor little muscles. In this 45 minutes I thought more than once, I can´t do this. I was groaning and moaning like a bad porn actress. But let me tell you, although the trainer is actually quite cute and he sees me in positions that usually only my husband is allowed to, there´s nothing less sexual then this. Unless you´re into SM maybe. Well, I´m not! But I did it, and I feel fantastic for it. Although I know, I won´t be able to walk tomorrow. Will be great fun, because I´ll be working at the football.

There was one funny thing, though. They had a break in, in the gym. From all things they could have stolen, they only stole the Pringles machine. Must have been Weight Watchers!

I have to relax now.

Have a lovely evening everyone!

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