Monday, 29 March 2010

Active week

I was very good exercise wise this week. I didn´t ache nearly as much as I expected and even did a combat class the next morning after training with James. On Friday I tried spinning for the first time. And how can I say it nicely? I sucked!!! Having 4hard training sessions in the last 5 days in my legs didn´t make it any easier. I was not able to keep up at all.

Didn´t stop me from doing it again on Sunday morning. This time it went much better. I put my saddle a bit higher this time, which made it a hell lot easier. I still cheated a bit towards the end, but I was quite pleased with myself. And it payed off. I lost 2.5lbs last week. That put me 3lbs away from my just set goalweight.

But I might go a bit further, because when I got weight in the fitness centre I had a bodyfat percentage of 26%, which is the upper region of average. Our training goal is to get me into the slim range, which would be between 14-22% (or is it 21?). Whatever, it might need an extra few pounds.

Tomorrow morning I´ll have my second training with James. When I was in on Sunday he made a note in his book, saying: Make her ache! Oh, it will be awful! While doing it, I hate every second of it, but the buzz it gives you for finishing it, is amazing. Wednesday at work I was so high from that accomplishment. It almost felt illegal.

I bought myself an MP3 player today, to make running a bit more fun, but can I make this thing work? I´m such a loser with all these gadgets. The manual is pathetic. It doesn´t even show you, how to get music on it. As you just have to know. Maybe I did something wrong. Rubbish! I spent all my morning with it. Better get something done now.


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