Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Somebody send me some energy!

Looks like I ran out! Emptying the dishwasher takes so much effort, you could think I have to decorate the whole house! You can imagine, what that leads to: Cravings for surgary foods. But so far, I´ve been quite good. I cooked a big pot of carrot soup. I blended it, so it´s seems creamy and is more filling. You can also put some ham, or my favorite: peanutbutter in it. Chillipowder on top...yum! I had some pizza toast with it. I just put passata on toast, some grated cheese on top and into the oven. For my sweet tooth I made a bowl with an orange, low cal jelly and a WW vanilla yoghurt. So for now I´m quite satisfied.

My plan was to bank points for Saturday, but haven´t been very successful there. After two days, I´m 1.5P up. So my activity points might have to be enough to keep the damage in check. In two days I already managed 20 activity points. This is with wearing my pedometer (only use car on school runs, if I really have to) and 45 min wii on Monday and a combat and a step class yesterday. It was straight after another, so I slept very well last night.

Why is it, that some day are relatively easy to keep control and others are so hard? I mean there´s not a minute in my life that I can´t eat chocolate. Even after a huge dinner and I feel like I could pop, I can still eat a fair amount of chocolate, or cake, or jellybeans or (the list goes on and on). So it takes willpower everyday, but sometimes is almost unbearable. Today is a medium hard day so far (how bad it really is, will show tonight. That´s the hardest time of the day). But I will try to make the best out of it.

I did my 8 week messures this morning. Since I started I lost 1/4 inch on my arm (that´s the one part I don´t really have to lose), 1.5 inches round my waist, 1 inch round my hips and 1/2 inch of my thigh. I´m not really sure, how to feel about it. I know, I could have done better, but however slow, there´s success. I feel it on my clothes as well. I´m fitting in all my clothes again. When everything was too tight and the fat was flapping over, I actually considered to blame Jock for putting the clothes in the dryer. Well, it was not that. So one minigoal, fitting into my clothes again: Check!

I don´t even set myself any minigoals. I just try to do day after day and hope to get there in the end and look fabulous in a UK size 8! At the speed I´m going at the moment that will be in 2020.

Maybe it´s just the time of the year and I´m still in hibernation.

Time to get on with some work. Move, body move... Come on, you can do it.... Maybe I´ll just have one more coffee.....


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