Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Why do you want to lose weight?

Had to bring my car to the garage on Wednesday. On the M6 to work Tuesday, the light for the water started glowing. Still drove the car after work with the light on most of the time. I always take my nephew, who´s working there, too. When we drove into Cannock, it smelled quite burned. My brother-in-law had a look at it. Mind it was 11:45pm by then. When we opened bonnet the water was boiling away. When he opened the water tank, the cap just flew off and a fontain of boiling water was coming out. I´m so glad that nobody got hurt. Couldn´t have lived with myself. No need to say that I thought it would cost a fortune, but just heard that the car is fixed now, and it will 'only' be £105.

To stay on track at work on Tuesday, I brought my own food in. One ham roll with mustard (the kind that burns your nose free) and a jam roll, carrots, chewitz, a WW creamed rice (god, I love it!) and WW cake (the customers always get cake after the game, and this way I could still have some, without having the 1.000.000 cal one). But after all this car business, I seriously needed a glass of wine and a treat. So I came 3.5 over my daily allowance, even with the 2 extra points I allow myself. But I don´t worry about that too much.

Yesterday we brought Auntie Margaret back to the airport and I just couldn´t resist this lovely Raspberry White Choc Muffins for about 8P. So again 3.5 over.

I also came on this morning, so I don´t see, everything being back off on Sunday, but I´m still glad, that I´m not going completely crazy anymore.

We´re going to a neighbour´s birthday party tonight, but it´s not gonna be a late one, because I´m working again tomorrow and we take the kids. Well, the real reason is, that it´s Lost night, so I have to be back for 9o´clock. Is that pretty sad?

At work on Tuesday I had the famous Why-do-you-want-to-lose-weight-anyway question again. When I first started WW 6 years ago, this girl started with us. She had about the same BMI like I have now (about 24.5-25). I asked her, where she wanted to lose weight? From her earlope? Now I feel awful for saying that, because I´m in the same position. It would have been different, if I completed my journey in one go, but I simply haven´t. Like that girl I want to reach an BMI of about 22, which is the ideal and doesn´t make me a Victoria Beckham.

When I was bigger, in a conversation, my boss in her size 6 chanel jacket, mentioned the successful weightloss of another colleague and said to me: "Oh, but don´t get me wrong, if you´re happy with yourself..." I definitely prefer the "But you don´t have to lose weight", but it still does not help whatsoever. This is about finishing what I started so long ago, and not always thinking: "What if." I will finish it now, not just for the looks, but for my self believe, for making the best out of myself. And of course for the lovely dresses, the shorts and the jumpsuits. Still have to work on my wearing-heels-skills, but it´s on the agenda!

Oh, one more thing: I was doing the fitness coach again yesterday and it was upper body strength. I had to do push ups with my shins on the stability ball. Two sets à 12. I did them!!! Not perfectly, but still not bad.

Hope you´re having a good week


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