Friday, 5 February 2010


It´s the time of the year again, when I get all the fashion magazines to get some ideas, what to get for the spring. Not that I could afford any of the stuff that´s displayed there. No chance I will ever spend months mortgage on a pair of shoes or a handbag (not in this life, baby). Talking about shoes: one of my goals this year is to learn to walk on heels. I actually was doing my housework in a pair of heels yesterday to get my poor feet used to it. Every outfit looks so much better with some heels, but so far I can only do very, very short distances in them and even that with arms spread out like a rope walker. Withing 10 min my feet are absolutely on fire. But I won´t give up, because I want to look sensational this summer!

But no matter how skinny (yeah, right) I get, or even if I´d stretch for a couple of inches, I would never buy these harem trousers. Even Naomi looks in them, like she was wearing a days old nappie underneath! But I want to be able to wear some nice cotton shorts, which don´t have to go down to the knee, because otherwise I´ll have this horrible look again, where the inner part sits so much higher than the outside, because the rubbing of my inner thighs slide them up. Not a nice look!

And I want to wear love floaty dresses without having to wear shorts or jeans underneath to avoid a nasty rash, from the rubbing inner thighs. Ouch!

Today I find it a bit harder again to stay on track. We still got a smartie doughnut in the house and I had such a battle with myself not to attack it, when I came back from the school run. But I made myself a bowl of apple, jelly and WW yoghurt instead (good girl!). Going shopping today was hard, too, but instead of grabbing any of the till sweets I grabbed a diet coke instead (you´re phenomenal!). When they say, go on then, treat yourself to a piece of cake or whatever, that is just no treat for me, because then I want more and it´s more torture than anything. I just had my last two WW bars and I´m happy that they were the last two! Tonight we´ll have salmon. Though I make a tomatoe-mushroom sauce an potatoes with it. I don´t think I´ll manage to save my 4 points today to repair a bit of the damage done on Tuesday, but I´ll try to stay in my allowance.

I went to step yesterday and my leg was pretty painful again afterwards. It´s so frustrating! I thought I was quite sensible in doing the easier stuff on my wii and I was pain free, but it looks like it was still too early. Wanted to go to combat tomorrow. Don´t have my hopes up, though. Will do my fitness coach stuff on the wii again tonight. It still seems to work, because measured myself and I lost 1 inch of my waist and 1/2 an inch each from my hips and my thigh. So I can´t be totally crap.

Well, what else is there to say? Thank god it´s Friday!!!! And I don´t have to work at the football tomorrow, so actually a free weekend. Will have to do some birthday shopping for my daughter. It´s her birthday on Thursday and I only got some clothes so far. How sad is that?

At least a good excuse to leave kids with the grandparents to spend some time with my husband (bet he´s extatic about the idea of going shopping).

So time to go! Hope I´ll have some good news on the weightloss front on Sunday.

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  1. I so know what you mean about wearing heels, I am like a man in drag whenever I try and wear them! And I am with you all the way with the rubbing thighs, I love dresses but its not ideal in the summer always having to wear something underneath to avoid thigh rub!

    We'll get there :)