Saturday, 20 February 2010

I´m aching....AND GOD IT FEELS GOOD!

After 2 weeks of feeling rubbish, I finally did my first workouts again. Yesterday the fitness coach on the wii training the lower body (my thighs and bum are yelling) and today my first body combat class in about 4 weeks. And I feel so good for it. It definitely did my ligaments the world of good to give them the rest, because my knee was not aching at all.

I love the feeling a good workout gives me. I feel strong and good in myself. I love to see that I´m fitter then some girls half my age. Bit cocky, I know, but as you know, there´s not much that I feel good about.

Tomorrow is my first WI after being ill the last 2 weeks. I´m not sure, what to expect. The first week, with the flu, I ate lots of rubbish. Then with the stomach bug I did not eat much at all. I tried to track properly again for the past few days and did OKish (well, the greasy pizza yesterday together with 3 lagers was probably not the best choice). At least I didn´t have any bad binge attacks.

Will do some cardio before WI tomorrow and hope that I´ll see a bit of a loss.

I´ll soon load some pictures up as well. All the other blogs look so funky. I´m so no computer expert, so to spice this site up, is major work for me.

It doesn´t help that in this family I´m always the one with the camera. Every event looks like, I haven´t been there. Well, the kids take some pictures, but unless you´re interested in some close ups from my teeth or our coffee table I don´t think they´re worth uploading. Will have to get my beloved husband to do some pictures (how embarrassing is that?). But I hope that there will be pictures of me getting thinner.

So, time for couch and some nibbles, because I actually still got a few points left! Yippie!

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow - stay positive as it can make a difference!
    Let us know how you get on!
    Claire xx