Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The big 40!

It´s finally there. I´m forty!!! And you know what? No depression in sight! I´m not gonna have a big bash. In fact this day goes pretty much like any other. After bringing the kids to school, I had a surprise phone call from Germany from an ex fling. That was a very nice surprise. After chatting for an hour I went on my favorite birthday present. My treadmill:

I set the timer for 50 min. I walked to minutes to warm up and than ran with an between 5.5 and 5.8 ml/hr. I got interrupted by my mobile beeping a few times, but I always stopped the treadmill, so that I still ran 48 minutes and did 4.4miles. This is how I look afterwards. Pretty soaky!

Then shower, picking up my daughter to go to a lunch date to one of her nursery friends.

Afternoon will be play date with two of my friends in our favorite indoor playground. And there will be lovely cake. Evening will be relaxed with ASDA pizza.

The only thing I´ll do for my birthday will be a psychic party on Friday. I´m sure that´ll be a laugh. Oh and then on Saturday my in-laws will have the kids over night, so that hubby and I can go to a party. Much prefer it that way, because just the thought of organizing a party gives me the shudders.

I can easily say the thirties were the best time of my life. I finally learned to feel more content, I met my wonderful husband, had my absolutely fantastic kids, moved country, bought a house and made beautiful friends. And I shouldn´t forget that exercise became a constant part of my life. Now that I got everything here, I really can´t make myself to not train. My one and only rest day, was still started with the 15min speed program on the treadmill.

I´m even using my weights, because I know, I have to work on strengthening the muscles, if I want to stay injury free. When I want to do a good session, I make myself a plan, to which I stick. On Saturday it contained Warm up (15min speed program L6 - max speed 7mi/hr, step - step up, knee lift, lunge with weights 20x, 30 squats with weights, squat-jump over step-squat 20, holding squat position against wall for 40sec. Than I did a Tabata 40:20 that I downloaded. That means 40sec strenous work, 20 sec rest. I did 4 sets each of Up-Downs, Shoulderpresses, Bicepcurls, chestpresses, sit-ups, plank with lifting bum up and down and quick step ups on step.

That all took me about an hour with the cool down. I´m still nowhere near my old strength. For example holding the squat position or planks. I used to be able to hold a plank for ages. Well I will get there again.

So roll on fourties! I´m ready. See, if you can top the thirties!

Have a good week everyone.



  1. Happy birthday, great to read how happy you are. x

  2. Welcome back! Happy Birthday for yesterday lady, hope you had a great day xx

  3. Thank you so much! I had a fabulous day. Unfortunately I have to hit the office with a bit of a hangover. XX