Saturday, 26 March 2011

Life´s getting the better of me

Thank you again for your lovely support. I think your both right. WW is just not the right thing for me at the moment.

Every time I attempted it in the last year, I let it take over my life. I go into it, telling myself to stay relaxed, because I know, what happens, when I start stressing. But what happened every time? I started stressing. My life went completely out of balance.

Counting points and excercising takes up such a huge part of my day, that my other responsibilies get pushed to the side.

And being very honest to myself, I have to admit that I am stressed, because I put too many things on the backburner. And they just keep building up and building up.

In danger of boring you to death and getting a few 'You think that is a lot???'s I will talk you through my usual week. I know, my biggest problem is the lack of organisation. So doing this, might help working on a better time management.

As you know, I´ve got two kids under 7, so I usually get up at 6.30 and have breakfast with the kids, getting them ready, and if I´m good I manage to tidy the kitchen up, before we leave the house. Coming back I got about 2.5hrs, before I have to go back to pick my daughter up from nursery again.

First thing I always have to do is check emails and work phone, in case one of the companies I translate for needs anything done. This actually goes all through the day, that I regulary have to check, who wants what and have to make phonecalls to customers or translate. I usually work out about 5 days a week. So that takes up a bit over an hour, with counting the time for shower and getting dressed again. No need to say that in a household of 4 there´s always washing and ironing to do in addition to other chores. So no chance on earth can I cramp all this into this 2.5 hours. There´s always, always something waiting to be done. Workout obviously has to take a back burner, when the pile is just too high, which stresses me out in two ways, because I excercising beats stress, and if I want to lose weight, I need to excercise.

Coming back from nursery with my daughter we have about 3 hours before we have to go out to fetch my son, unless it´s Monday, because she´s got swimming at 2 then. Obviously we´ll have lunch, after she got changed. With preparing and tidying up after, that takes about an hour. And honestly I like to sit for a bit after with a cup of coffee.

Of course it wouldn´t be right to just put my daughter in front of the telly for the the remaining 1.5hrs to catch up with the other chores, because to this point the rest of the house is pretty much still a bombsite. So of course I have to make time to have a game of snakes and ladders or push her on the swing or whatever. And of course I have to check phone and emails again to see, if there´s work to be done. Most days my daughter hears: 'Mommy has to make a phonecall. Be very, very quiet, please!' Or she has to deal with a slightly stressed mother, because doing a translation, with your daughter constantly going: 'Mommy look....' is not that easy.

You can imagine at 3.45pm, when we come home from school most of the time the house is still a bombsite, but usually the washing is ready to go in (very often still lies there 2 days later, piling up to be put away, not to mention the ironing).

Of course there are play dates, which either mean the bombsite is still waiting to be cleared or is even getting worse, if it´s in our house. Thursday nights my son´s got swimming and so on and so on.

Then it´s time for dinner, getting the kids ready for bed and clearing the kitchen. By then it´s about 8 o'clock.

Saturdays are usually taking from the football. Either I have to work at it, or hubby goes to watch it. That makes Sunday our only family day, so I´m not spending it all day catching up on housework.

Next week I have to find another 3 hours, because I agreed to write customer service valuation reports for the Mystery Shopping company in addition to my agreement to go on a farm trip with the nursery on Wednesday from which we will be back ant 3pm.

That is my week without doing WW. I don´t know, how it is with you, but when I´m tracking, it takes up quite a bit of time, because somehow I also get distracted, looking around on the WW webpage, then reading blogs, writing it etc. Then you just 'quickly' want to check the points value of something.

All this results in more of my 'normal' responsibilites building up, which of course makes me very tense and once I finally place my backside on the settee results in sabotaging my weightloss, because I just want to numb the thoughts about all the things I haven´t done, not to mention that I´m just freakin' exhausted.

It also effects other parts of my life. Last night I dreamed that my husband left me, because of the lack of sex (sorry, if this might be too much information, but even that becomes one thing on the list, still to be done).

Tonight I´ll actually have a night out. We have a staff meal in Birmingham with the Albions. That is a first for me since I´ve worked there. My friend and I will take the train, because we want to have a glass of wine. It won´t be a very late one, because the last train goes back at 11.20. Being a supervisor you also don´t want to drink too much, because you definitely don´t want too act silly. I would really like to go for a drink in our town after we got back, but we´ll lose an hour tonight anyway, and my daughter´s got a horse riding lesson in the morning, followed straight away by a school organized picnic at 11am.

But I´d like to look good tomorrow. Plan was to be about 6lbs lighter by now, instead of only 1, but nothing I can do about it now. But I had a haircut! And I actually had a change. Look (that´s me trying to look fierce)

I´ve got a fringe!!!!!

Will take a picture before I go out tonight. Hopefully I´ll look as good as I hope to.

I´m sorry for this mega post, which might also be mega boring, but if I ever want to be successful, I´ll have to find a way to organize myself better that I don´t end everyday with just feeling washed out.

That´s why my weightloss actually has to wait till September, when my daughter goes to school. And I will be so selfish not to fill the time up with more work straight away. A decent holiday will have to wait another year (maybe half). Until then I will just try to be as good as I can right this moment. And if I´m lucky and I sort my head out a bit, I might even be able to lose a bit till then.

Have a good weekend everyone


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  1. You do have a huge pile of work and you keep your kids super busy (which, I thank you for!)

    sorry to hear that you get all stressed out. do a bit of research on what other methods would work best for you. The way it sounds, it seems like "whole, real foods" is probably more your style. Stocking up on fresh produce, whole grains, etc anything not processed or minimally processed, 100% natural would be best for your busy lifestyle. you could just stock up, grab and go and not have to worry how you ate all day long