Friday, 11 March 2011

eye opener

First of all, I can´t not mention this horrible force of nature in Japan. All these people.... It shows you how powerless we are, when nature decides to give us an example of her power. My thoughts are definitely with all those people.

So now, how do I make the connection to the wonderful experience I had yesterday? Suppose there is none, but I have to tell you, because I´m still on a high.

Yesterday evening I went for my PT session. Since my PT started his new job as a fitness manager in another gym, it´s very hard to find matching times so I have quite big breaks inbetween. He only kept a handful of his clients (the good ones, as he calls it), so we sometimes do group sessions, which I really like, because you suffer together and you can even have a giggle.

Yesterday it was two of us. The other one being a young, fit male in his mid twenties. Thinking that at the beginning of the year, after being injured, I had to start pretty much from scratch again. But I didn´t give in and worked very hard to get my strength back and that mostly by myself.

And yesterday I saw that all this hard work and sweat does really show results. Not even was I mostly able to keep up with this 15 years younger, fit male, there were even quite a few things, when it was me, who had to do more reps. He even felt sick to some point. After tons of leg work we finished off with holding a squat position against the wall with a kettle ball in our hands. I tried that (without a kettleball), when I just started training again, and I could hardly hold it. Yesterday I was more than fine. Not even could I have gone on (it was only for 30 sec), but I had to cheer on this lad, whose legs were violently shaking. If he´d stopped, the trainer would have let us start new again.

And then it was time to hit the scale. I really didn´t want that, because I knew I hadn´t lost a lot of weight. But these scales show much more than just you weight. So I could see, that since the first WI this year I haven´t just lost 2.5kg, but I also lost a huge 4% of body fat. Unfortunately I didn´t keep the slip from the first WI, with all the numbers on it, but I do have the one from the 30th of January and in this time, although I only lost .4kg, my body fat went down 3%, which means 2.2kg pure fat and I also put on 1.8kg of lean muscle. The weight would have been lower as well, if I didn´t have 1.3kg of extra water in my body.

So even, when I haven´t lost stupid amounts of weight, I still did lots of good things to my body.

Our trainer was well pleased with that session. He said that that was the hardest he pushed us in a long time and added that he had the right two people for it.

I can´t tell you, how proud I am. This gave me such a buzz!

And to top it all off, the evening was not a typical Friday night. We did have some wine (hey come on, it is Friday after all) but I had only two small glasses. And after our healthy(ish) (goulasch with just a little lean beef and lots of veg with a small portion of Good for You chips) I didn´t dug into sweety cupboard, but enjoyed the lovely sweet taste of those beautiful grapes.

Another good surprise was, that I was wrong, when I thought I only had 4 PP left. I still went over my dailys, but nowhere near disasterous as it could have been.

Today won´t be overly good either, because we´ll go to friends and have pizza, but I´m not stressing over it. I´m officially under a 25 BMI again and I´ll keep on working.

So all in all, reality check or what? Unbelievable that not long ago, I thought that I was a failure. No, I´m not!!! In fact I´m doing pretty amazing!

Have a lovely weekend (again)

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