Thursday, 10 March 2011

Amazing what a bit of sun does to you!

I just love, love, love this time of the year, when you know the first really warm day is about to arrive. I´m obsessed with the weather report. When will we have the first real warm day. So far it is not in sight, but it can´t be that long.

Doesn´t it just feel like waking up after a really long sleep? Everything´s coming to life again. I feel almost sickingly cheerful! It even cheers me up that the bed sheets are washed and hanging outside to smell absolutely adorable for when we go to bed tonight. And I hate housework!

On Tuesday I met with my friend for a run in the beautiful Cannock Chase. It was amazing. Once I was sweaty enough (which never takes too long) I took my jacket off and wow... this lovely feeling of sun on my skin.

Everything´s seems so much more positive. I even work myself up to the losing weight thing again. I even....drumroll.....started tracking again! Crazy I know. I realized that WW were still booking from my account, although I unsubscribed it. Cheeky buggers! But I thought 'heyho, maybe it´s time again'. It won´t be a surprise for anyone to hear that I´m using weekly points everyday, but I still got my activity points, right? I just had my lunch and I got 4 points left for the rest of the day. Not very good, but I just needed this second bread roll. But I was 25 minutes on the crosstrainer already and tonight I´ve got a a**kicking PT session.

I weight in on Tuesday and had to do it again today, because Friday was always my WI day and I still lost 1lb. So it can´t be too bad, right?

Being weekend I expect lots more weekly points being used, but I´m planning on working out every day.

As I said, I feel very positive at the moment.

And long may it continue!

Have a good weekend everyone


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