Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Week 1 WI (Part XXXVIII)

You won´t believe, what I´ll tell you now. Honestly, I can hardly believe it myself. I TRACKED FOR A COMPLETE WEEK! Amazing, I know.

Okay, I wasn´t saintlike. In fact I used all my weeklies plus 13 of my 43 activity points. BUT I still lost 0.8kg, which is almost 2 lbs. Not bad, ey?

So am I going on? Hell yeah!

What other things were good this week? After the vino soaked Saturday, I had a really good Sunday. Not only did I not go down Carbs Hell, I actually had a full day with no sweets AT ALL. Yes you heard right. No choc, no cake, no crisps, no nothing. Who would have thought that possible?? And not enough, I did do some serious sweating. Although I didn´t do any strength, I went on my lovely treadmill and ran (pause for dramatic effect) 10k!!!! Okay, it took me 75min, but I´m still happy. Not too many weeks back, I could barely do 2 miles.

I also bought myself 2 Jillian Michaels DVD´s. I did the 30day Shred yesterday. I started with Level 1, and had a few moments, where I really worked hard. I mean starting with doing stupid amounts of push-ups... phew. I enjoyed it, but I´m not aching, and I like to feel a little bit of ache the day after I did strength work. So I will try Level 2 tomorrow. I had a look at it. I´m sure it´ll make my muscles scream (Oh god, how insane does that sound).

Today I met up with my friend again and we had a lovely run again. Loved it. My friend´s still struggling quite a lot, but she´ll get there in no time. She´s been excercising regularly anyway, doing Body Combat, Step etc. We did 55min today and she only had to walk shortly for 3 times. She just started running again, so that´s fantastic. And she triggered another great experience: she said: 'It looks so effordles, when you´re running', and asked me, if it really was. And I could only answer: "In this pace it is." And again I realized, how far I´ve come. What beautiful feeling.

I don´t know how long it will last, but at the moment I can imagine myself as this person, who´s strength is for everyone to see. At the moment I´m not scared to put my goal high. At the moment I´m not afraid to aim for my body to reflect the hard work. At the moment, 'okay' is not enough.

I know that from time to time I will break out again, because of the impulsive person that I am, but I hope that the break-outs will be rare and short.

Have a good week everyone

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  1. Wow you are doing so well. 10k is a great achievement regardless of how long it takes.

    I think tracking honestly is the key, getting into the swing of it is hard but it is an eye opener and I find I avoid certain things as I don't want to see it wrote down!

    Keep up the good work xx