Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Just call me Mrs Sniffles!!!

Okay, okay, now it´s got me as well. I managed to make it undamaged through all the recent germ attacks that hit this house, but now finally it´s my turn. It´s not like I felt neglected, I honestly would have been fine, if they had ignored me for good.

But heyho, what can I say, I´m just too dammned attractive. So anyway, basically my head is full of slimey green stuff. And of course what comes with it? Lots of comfort food and no excercise.

But today I´m feeling a bit better (shows also in not craving lots of junk anymore)and tomorrow I will start with a jog again.

Two weeks back this would have put me into a panick, because not being able to excercise is a clear putting on situation. But I know that I soon will be able to blast it again and I will. The 5.5 mile is waiting to be completed and the amounts of squats have to be increased. My favorite ones are the ones, when I got a step between my legs (on the floor of course) and I do speed intervalls with the bum touching the step - quickly straighten legs - back down as fast as possible for 20, 30 or 40sec. Than little rest again and so on. You don´t really need the step, but it helps me to go down quite deep. And it doesn´t have to be for long, but I promise you´ll feel your bum, front and inner thighs for the next few days. Why don´t you try in out?

Ha, found a video!

Have a good week everyone

What are you favorite excercises. Could do with some good ABS workouts, because simple sit-ups are just not doing the trick anymore.

Happy squatting everyone!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    Abs workouts huh, one of my fav's is with a medicine ball or you could use a weight.

    Sit on the floor sat up, knees bent, lean slightly back and lift your feet feet off the floor, your abs are pulled in and engaged holding you in a balanced position (the further back you lean the harder it is), holding the medicine ball with both hands bring it from one side right round to the other while still remaining in the balance position. This will burn like hell after a minute ow two. To make it harder bring your legs further off the floor but keep the knees bent.

    I found a small vid that shows this with a slight variation:-

    Hope this helps.