Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I can´t get no satisfaction

I had to take a bit time off again, because I was all tensed up and panicky again. Going into weightloss mode, does that to me, and it never works out well.

Result being that my scales showed me the horror number of 71.9kg (158lbs/11.3st) last Tuesday. For me that is A LOT! Remembering that I managed to stay around 68kg (150lbs/10.7st) for a long time and managed to go down to 65kg (143lbs/10.2st) to some point, even though it was only for a very short while.

Thinking back, when I started this blog was that I wanted to finish what I started. Medically I didn´t need to lose weight, but there was still a lot of room for improvement. And now I´m in worse state that I started. Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Well, I have to take in consideration that I have quite a bit more muscle mass, but still, this wasn´t going to plan.

The first thing after seeing this awful number was putting this up on my goodie cupboard

It doesn´t take rocket science to figure out that my endless intake of sweet stuff sabotages all my good intentions. There wouldn´t be anything wrong with having a daily choc fix, if I could stop with one thing. But it never ever stops there. So 5 out of the last 8 days I didn´t eat any sweet treats at all. Everýtime I was tempted I was singing 'I can´t get no satisfaction' in my head, knowing that one would lead to more and more. And so stepping on the scale yesterday showed me the much friendlier number of 69.8kg (154lbs/10.10st). I´m pretty sure that also has something to do with water retention (TOM), because 4lbs less is a bit much.

So The Rolling Stones are my personal anthem now.

Oh, has anybody seen Biggest Loser yesterday (for the Americans, we´re always one season behind). They went to Texas to run a 5k with the people from that town. And one contestant ran the 5k in 21 minutes. 21 MINUTES!!!! I mean WHAT??????? That is an average speed of 8.75ml/hr. That is a bloody sprint for me! Honestly, I´m stuggling to hold that speed for a minute.

I ran 10k on my treadmill yesterday and my average speed was 5.1. Don´t get me wrong, I´m still quite proud of that, but....

After the last training session our trainer told us, that we really challenge him to challenge us and when he´s training his PT´s in the gym, a lot of them would struggle to do the things we have to do. After seeing this, I think he was just being polite or those PT´s are all a disgrace.

Thinking about it, showing somebody a move perfectly is not that hard, if you only have to do it once. Would it still look that beautiful after 40reps? I trained one of the mom´s from school, who´s been doing WW for years and years and as long as I know her, which is a few years now, there´s not a real difference. She hardly works out, so I offered her to show her some stuff. Wow, she was so unfit. She couldn´t even do a lunge. When I asked her to sprint, it was more a very fast walk. Anyway, of course it looked impressive, when I showed her the moves, but I only showed her.

When the weather is nice, I train in my garden now. I don´t care, what the neighbours think. When I´m doing my strength work it´s nice to have a bit more room than in my dining room. Hubby really has to start building the gym!!!!

Oh, and I´m so hooked on the horse riding again. I´ve got a lesson a week and everytime it´s getting a little bit better. I still haven´t found a horse to excercise, but the instructor asked around as well (how nice is that??) and there´s a good chance that there will be opportunities after the summer. My niece will teach me on one of their horses as well.

I might have to sacrifice my PT sessions, though, for the money. My trainer pissed me off anyway. It´s always last minute now and mainly on the weekends. When he asked last time for a session on Sunday, I told him that it would depend on the time, because I have to have time for family things. I got a text back saying: Get fat then!
I was furious! I know, he might think it´s funny, but I couldn´t laugh. Apart from the fact that in that week I had worked out 5 times already (as normal), it´s just out of order. So for now, I´m not in the mood to speak to him at all and even less in the mood to pay him.

That´s it from me for now.

This will be another sweet free day as most days in the week. Weekends are a bit different, but it worked last week, so I hope that it will again this week.




  1. Hi Petra. You and I have quite a bit in common. The running (I run a 13 minute mile). Wish I was faster but hey, I'm like you. Just glad I'm out there doing the runs. That's really mean of your trainer. He's suppose to motivate you not deflate you. Yea, I wouldn't be in a hurry to pay him either.

    How exciting about horse riding. I used to have a few horses when I was a teenager. Love to take them out in a field and just gallop and then next thing I know, I'm holding on cuz my horse is running wild. Love that feeling.

    I really do like your new mantra/Can't get no satisfaction. i should try to post something like that---there is candy all around me and I went to a WW in today and I did not lose but at least I did not gain despite working out 9 times out of 7 days. Obviously, I have to look at the food and sweets.

    Here's to wishing you a great week.


  2. Good job on the weight loss!.. I think if my PT texted that message to me I wouldn't want to pay him either! Can't say that I blame you for being mad. Keep it up..Oh and the Teecino I drink really is good. I don't miss my coffee at all. :)

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