Friday, 16 April 2010

Still munching away

Did the run, did some thinking, but still binging on the wrong stuff.

Fortunately I´m still training pretty hard. Had another personal session this morning, and again I was close to tears. The best part of it was, when Evil James told me, that I have a good running style. That was while I did my warm up on the treadmill running 9km/hr with 6% inline (yes, that´s the warm up!!!), just before we started the intervall training, when the incline went down to 0.5% but the speed went up to 16km/hr max. Unbefreakinlievable! He just dryly said, that it will eventually go up to 20km/hr. And it got much worse. I pay this bloke for that. What the heck was I thinking????

But at least there´s hope, that the scales won´t show the huge gain I´d deserve for all this binging. We´ll see on Sunday. Maybe the meeting will sort me out a bit.

I basically just try to stay cool and wait for this phase to go past. It always does.

Apart from that I´m enjoying the weather. Will plant my bum outside again, and just ignore all the housework and the reports I still have to write. Will do that tonight (said that for the last 3 days). But come on, we´ve been waiting for this for months and months. The housework won´t go anywhere (wish it would) and maybe sitting typing will keep my fingers busy enough, not to go through the sweety cupboard again.

Won´t be able to enjoy the sun much tomorrow, because I´ll be working at the Albions again. They go up, so customers will get their champagne. Should be a happy atmosphere.

Have a lovely weekend


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