Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday-Thursday great. Friday-Sunday chatastrophic

It was a typical week again. I was very good for 4 days to absolutely go bonkers over weekend.

We had a great weekend, though. We had a bbq all three days. Twice with our neighbours, which usually results in far too much alcohol as well and with family on Sunday, even though the heavens opened. But we just moved everything under shelter. Loved it. With my tummy full of sausage, chicken, potatoes, pasta, salad, cake and hell knows what, I still went to my WI. Was pretty relieved to see a STS. Would still have been a little loss. But I just went on afterwards, because I thought: "Sod it, back to it tomorrow." And that´s what I´m doing.

I think I should probably take little steps and aim to be good for 5 days this week. The one-step-forward-two-steps-back´s still going on. I don´t want to think about for how long, because it just makes me feel incredibaly useless. I even feel like a cheater writing this, because I obviously don´t take it seriously, or why else don´t I just do it? It´s not rocket science. Eat less than you burn. Cut down on the bad stuff. Why, for heaven´s sake, am I constantly rebelling against it? I feel like yelling at myself, how pathetic I am. Arrrrrrrr!

Hope you guys are doing better


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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have lost a sum total of 5 pounds this year with all my messing about. 5 days of being good is totally ruined by 2 bad days at the weekend - it shouldn't be so hard, but it bloody well is!

    I think baby steps is what I need as well.

    Good luck this week!