Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Shock horror! I managed to track a full day...

And stay withing my points! This hasn´t happened in weeks! And I feel good for it. Don´t get me wrong, it took all my willpower, to not hit the goodie cupboard after I had the gorgeous (and planned) WW crunchy caramal ice-cream, but I won!

I just kept telling myself, how disappointed I will be, if I lay the new start off for yet another day. I´ll have to go on the scales again on Friday with Evil J, and I will try everything to undo my damage as good as I can. You should see the unbelieve in his face, when I tell him about my chocolate addiction. That´s something that he absolutely cannot understand.

Plan is to work out as much as possible. Went on the treadmill for an hour on Sunday, 35min. yesterday, today spinning and tomorrow combat. Nothing on Thursday, because I need fresh legs for my torture session on Friday.
And of course tracking, tracking, tracking.

I spoke to my friend, who´s been training with him for a few months now, because I got worried to lose the fun in going. Last Friday was just too much again. I almost cried the last two times and I´m not looking forward for the next time. My friend felt the same, but she got over it. Now she´s not that bothered anymore. She sees it as: 'It´s just an hour'. I hope I´ll get there, too. And there´s no doubt that it does wonders to my shape. Even though I put on, my waistline feels so much smoother. No big blotchy bits hanging over my trousers anymore. I get compliments about how healthy and toned I look (as long as I don´t give them a closer look at my lower tummy, hips and thighs).

So I´ll keep on going and I´ll survive. I will fight through his warm up and cardio bit with tiring legs, empty lungs and burning throat, I will go on finishing the ridiculous amounts of one or two legged squads, although my thighs scream in pain, I will do all the press-ups, push-ups, planks and sit-ups, while he´s putting silly weights on me, pulling at the other end or leaning on me and fight through all the other torture methods he comes up with. And there will come the day, when I´m not begging him to let me stop, when I´m not saying: "I can´t do this." And when that day comes, there will be nothing holding me back anymore. That day I will know, that I can do anything I want to. That will be a bloody good day!!!

Have a good one


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  1. Flipping heck - all that exercise makes me tired just reading about it!

    Keep up the good work, am sure you'll get good results x