Thursday, 22 April 2010

A few last words

before I go to bed. I´m trying to mentally prepare myself for my next torture session tomorrow morning, which means I try not to drive myself crazy. It´s only an hour, it´s only an hour.....

My friend had a session with him tonight and she told him to nicer with me, because I ached so badly afterwards. Guess what he said! I´m fit enough to cope with that! I don´t know, if I should feel flattered or simply punch him (I hope we´ll do boxing again tomorrow!)

He also threatened to warm us up for our Race 4 Life. Great idea. After his warm up, we can take a taxi round the course!

Foodwise I´m still OKish. Had a bit of a munch yesterday and went 7 points over my dailys, which is still not too bad for me. Got lots more AP´s and even managed to stay 3P under, today. Didn´t do any excercise today, apart from my normal rushing around, so my legs shouldn´t be too tired. Not that that matters, because 5 minutes into the session they will be jelly again.

But I´m interested to see, what the scales say tomorrow. Hope to see, that some of the gain was muscle. Although if there´s a gain of fat, I´m not looking forward to his comments.

So, I better go to bed now. Will need all my energy tomorrow.

Wish me luck


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