Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Another day dusted

That´s all I can do at the moment. One day after the other. But I had a little peak this morning, and it seems to work. If I can believe these crappy things, it looks like 2 are back off. Fingers crossed!

I´m eating my full points at the moment, because of all the training, and don´t want to give my body too little.

Didn´t make it in time for spinning yesterday, so I did combat instead and then again this morning. It feels so good, not to feel absolutely shattered after a workout. Rest tomorrow. My calves are so blooming tight. I keep stretching them, but they just show me the finger. (Sorry for that, but it´s just so frustrating)

Also have to see the dentist, because my bridge became loose. Got this horror vision of losing them in public. OOHH NOOO! But on the other hand... How much do you think they weigh? Maybe I should wait till Sunday.....

Two women in my daughters nursery are doing WW, and they are doing fantastic. The manager has lost 15lb in the first three weeks, and the other on has over lost 2st and just reached goal. Not quite sure in what time, but not very long. And here I am, doing it for 4 months, and after the last WI with the 5.5 gain, my total stands by 6.5. AARRRGGGHHHH! I must have too much time and money. BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I will get there. I will be slim, I will wear a size 10 and I will look bloody fantastic on my 40th birthday!

So time to get this well rounded backside off this chair and get something done.

Enjoy the sun everyone!


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