Saturday, 24 April 2010

I´m one fit bunny!!!!!!!

I had my training with the evil man again yesterday, and he had me terrified before again, because he texted me, that I should be very afraid. That was absolutely unasked for! I told you, he´s evil!

I even tried to prepare myself, how I could distract myself from the pain an exhaustion. I wanted to try to think about that there are worst things in life, than being pinned down by a fit 22 year old. But it just didn´t work.

So we went straight on the treadmill and he said that we would go easy today. Yeah right!!! He even asked me for how fast I want it. Big, big UH OH! Than he told me what he wanted me to do. I had to do 10 squads go on the treadmill run for 100metres (of course he chose speed and incline), back down 20 squads and 200metres, 30 squads 300metres. He said we´ll do this to 400, because nobody has managed the 500 before. The treadmill was on 9km/hr and incline on 15 (flipping 15!!!!!!). But what can I say. Just call me Mrs 500! I was the first to complete the 500! Ok, I was only nr.7, he did this with, but still there were some real fit guys, one is even in the Navy! I was floating with pride all day yesterday. I´m so so much fitter than I thought. I´m almost 40 for crying out loud! So sorry for boasting, but I´m so incredibly proud of myself.

The bad news is, I thought that´s a reason for celebration. So 5.30 I opened the bottle of wine. Our neighbours were over. She had a reason to celebrate as well. She got asked for ID in ASDA. She´s 34. So, what can I say, I think I consumed about 50 points yesterday. Not smart, but I don´t really care. Today won´t be the best day either, because I have the after-drink-food-cravings and we´ll have a bbq later.

Oh, the scales at the gym yesterday showed that I´ve lost 1.8kg in the last 2 weeks. It´s all weird. Got my WI at WW tomorrow, will be interesting to know, what they say. My bodyfat went up, but apparently it´s normal, when you lose weight. The flab needs toning up again. Oh, he said I´ll have a washboard stomach. Yeah right mate.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


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