Monday, 10 May 2010

Thought it´s time for a picture again

I just stumbled over the picture my 5 year old son (so it´s a bit fuzzy) took of my daughter and me. And even though the numbers weren´t the best in the recent weeks, I´d still like to think that there´s a positiv change in my body. I even see some ABS defining. So I haven´t completely wasted my time!



  1. OMG Petra...If only I was as fat as you!!! hehehe You look marvelous!! And your so cute to boot! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love visitors. And especially a fellow WW. :D I'll be keeping my eye on you, (don't get frightened) Just to see if your up and around and livin' the WW way. You see IAm an offical WW police. Hahaha just kidding...I'm just a grandma trying to find her youth again. The thin me is bursting to get out, hence why am chubby...she has pushed my innered all out of proportian. HA! Anyway, enuff' sillyness....I am so very glad to meet you and would hope we could become great friends over time!! Talk to you soon Petra!

  2. Thank so much for your lovely comment!! You´re one fabulous lady!!! I can really do with some WW police, handing out warnings, because I´m a bit of an outlaw sometimes ;-)

    X X