Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The shorts are out!

Finally it´s time for a sun tan!!!! I´m actually doing some gardening. I´m honest, I don´t have a clue, what I´m doing, but it´s fun. I planted lots of pots, which hopefully will bloom beautifully soon (I always forget the names of the flowers as soon as they´re in the ground. Well, I want to look at them, not discussing life with them), do lots of weeding and even planted some veg.

Went to WI on Sunday. When the leader asked me, if I had a good week, I could only say again: "God no!" I was good for 4 days to blow it all again the days after. Still managed to lose a pound, so I´m not complaining. Yesterday was the first OKish day again, when I only went over my points by 2.5, which is pretty good for me at the mo.

Went running yesterday and really struggled. Can´t have been much further than 3.5miles. Didn´t help that the battery for my MP3 player ran out. So there was the decision: "Home!" Not having my earphones on also made me hear the wolf whistle horn of a bloke´s red Pick-Up. Oh yippie... :-/

Was supposed to have a training session in the Chase (our area of natural beauty) yesterday, but the trainer had a swollen ankle and we postponed it to Friday. In a way I´m looking forward to it, because it´s something different, out of the gym, but I know he´s going to kill me. He´s a real runner and I´m sure he´ll find the steapest hills. Better do some more running, to be up for it.

I´m also suffering from cabin fever, because my son´s got the chickenpox and so we´re stuck at home. Thankfully he´s not doing too bad, so we´re out in the garden most of the time. I hope my daughter will get them quickly, because we´ll have visitors from Germany in 2 weeks and we wanted to go to London for a night. That would be the first time since being parents that hubby and I go away for the weekend without the kids. So PLEASE, PLEASE let the spots come!!!

Gym tonight for Legs, Bums & Tums. It´s been years and years (still in Germany) when I did that last. I´m just trying to do lots of different things, to keep it interesting. I might even try Thai boxing today....

So time for the second lot of washing to go out. I know, my life´s so glamorous, but please don´t get jealous. ;-)

Have a good week everyone.


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  1. Petra, I am jealous it is sunny there, it has been rainy here off and on all week. It is pouring rain right now. I am afraid my garden is going to drowned with all the rain. We really need some Sun. Congrats on your loss! I admire you for the running you do I gave you an award it is on my blog make sure to go pick it up.