Thursday, 24 June 2010

The early morning picture!

Here it is. That´s me in all my morning glory. What can I say? Hm, sorry??

For everyone who hasn´t closed the the frame straight away, I can tell that I´ve tracked for 4 full days and haven´t gone over my allowance once! And I feel really good for it. For how things have been going recently, this by itself is a mega achievement, because it shows that there´s still something left in me, and that I´m not ready to give up.

I have to realize that this is for life and not just to lose a few pounds. I want to live healthily and not constantly shock my body with stupid amounts of sugar. One of the main changes I made in this week was leaving the alcohol (well, I had 2 Malibu´s and diet cokes with the football/soccer yesterday...COME ON GERMANY!...sorry, had to say that), but leaving the wine, which crept in almost daily recently. Not in large amounts, but still absolutely unnecessary. And I cut down on the treats. I still have my WW ice-cream every night, though.

So I hope with this determination and with all the excercise, that the few pounds (and it´s really only a few) will go rather quickly. I know, that it´s very likely that it won´t go that smoothly, but I don´t want to think like that, because I easily get into this negative mindframe and I want to believe in myself for a change!

So, Here´s to positive thinking!


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  1. Yeah! Good job with the tracking!
    And that is a cute morning picture!