Saturday, 14 August 2010

Welcome to the world of injuries

Sorry for making myself so rare. I just wanted to spare you the constant: I'm back on track.... Oh no I'm not....This time for real.....F*'*'* up again!....

The last two month have been pretty frustrating.I still got the bursitis (finally went to the doctor and saw the triage). I tried to get it away with ice and low intensity excercise. I even had a full week of no training at all (we went to Wales). But then I did too much too early again and the pain was back. I'm booked in for a steroid injection on Thursday. I'm very, very scared. My GP told me, they would put me out for it, but at the triage they said they wouldn´t. A big, fat needle deep into the hip........

But I really hope that that will do the trick. But even with that I still have to be patient. My trainer told me, it could still take weeks or even months, before I will be able to perform fully again.

I know lot of people have a problem understanding my frustration. For lots of them excercise is anything but fun, but for me that is the only thing I do purely for myself. The rest of the time, I´m mainly mom, housewife (not a very good one), or doing my 4 jobs (I took on another translation job).

I love the feeling of satisfaction after a good workout and I miss that. At the moment they are doing the FitBrit in the gym. You have to do a string of workouts (rowing, shoulderpresses, squads with weights, 3km on the bike, jumping on steps, chestpresses, treadmill...) against the time. My trainer thinks I could compete against the best in my age group (he even thinks I could be the best). Although I'm not a very competetive person, I'd like to find out, if that is true. But heaven knows, when I will be in that position again.

It was my trainer who said: "Welcome to the world of injuries. How do you think how I felt, when I was competing for the country, and then had to stop?" He just started his sprinting again, after years.... But it did help a little bit.

No need to say, what all the frustration and and the drop from 5-6 days of excercise to 2-3 days excercise light did to my weight. I'm 11 pounds heavier from my lightest (which has been a while ago to be fair) and 5% in bodyfat up. A stepped off the scales very unhappy as you can imagine.

Sorry for being such a pathetic cow. Hope I'll light up again soon.

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  1. I wondered where you had been!!

    Sounds painful, you're certainly not a pathetic cow. Hope the injection helps and it's not too nasty x